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    Save Time and Money with Every Install

    Ascend In-Wall Timer


    Meet Ascend, Intermatic's Next Generation 7-Day In-Wall Programmable Timer

    Help customers upgrade their homes with a modern in-wall timer from Intermatic. Perfect for lighting and light motor applications, Ascend allows contractors to save five to 15 minutes on each time switch installation while offering homeowners convenient tech-forward features that are tailored to their needs.

    Available in Wi-Fi enabled/Smart (STW700W, STW700LA) and Standard (ST700W) configurations, the modern control makes it easy for homeowners to automate routine lighting schedules, improve security and boost energy efficiency.

    Modern Design

    A sleek, stylish design helps Ascend fit into any home décor or color scheme.

    Intuitive Setup

    Pre-programmed schedule templates accommodate 80 to 90 percent of application needs.

    Automatic Adjustment

    Location-specific dusk and dawn times provide the most accurate Astronomic lighting schedule possible.

    Battery Backup

    A battery backup keeps programming information in place for up to three days in the event of a power loss.

    Ascend Smart

    Bring the Future Home with Ascend

    Ascend Smart In-Wall Timer (STW700W, STW700LA)

    Simplify home lighting automation projects with the Ascend Smart In-Wall Timer. An upgrade from Ascend Standard, our Wi-Fi enabled control offers many of the same benefits of a com-plex home automation system without the hassle.

    Quick Installation - Shave minutes of each time switch installation with streamlined smartphone programming options and an intuitive interface.

    No Hub Needed - Create a standalone home automation system without the need for a dedicated hub or smart home controller.

    Voice Activation - Pair the Ascend Smart In-Wall Timer with Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant to deliver voice-activated programming commands, including ON/OFF and status check.

    Anywhere Access - Download the complimentary Ascend mobile app to any Apple® or Android® smartphone to update programming schedules on the fly.

    Versatile Design - Fit the Ascend into any home project with both single-pole or 3-way switch compatibility.


    Flexible and robust, Ascend caters to both traditional, no-frills homeowners and gadget-loving smart home enthusiasts.

    Product Lineup

    Ascend Standard


    Heavy-Duty 7-Day Programmable Timer

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    Ascend Smart


    Next Generation 7-Day Programmable WiFi Timer, White

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    Ascend Smart


    Next Generation 7-Day Programmable WiFi Timer, Light Almond

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