Outdoor Lighting Control

Energy Savings and Added Safety from Dusk to Dawn

Electronic In-Wall Timers

Take indoor spaces to new heights with energy-saving electronic in-wall controls. Our flagship Ascend® Smart offers simple wireless control without the hassle of a smart home hub. Other programmable options provide convenience and flexibility when setting daily or weekly lighting schedules.

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Fixed Mount Electronic Photocontrols

Deliver simple dusk-to-dawn lighting control with our lineup of fixed mount electronic photocontrols. These LED compatible solutions are available in a variety of mounting styles, including stem-and-swivel, button, in-wall and stem mount.

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Fixed Mount Thermal Photocontrols

Versatile and budget-friendly, our fixed mount thermal controls provide simple ON/OFF control in outdoor spaces. They’re available in a variety of mounting styles and best paired with Fluorescent, HID and Incandescent fixtures.

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Mechanical In-Wall Timers

Manage the runtime of fans, lights, motors, heaters, and other energy-consuming loads with our selection of mechanical timers. A variety of heavy-duty options allow for easy integration in commercial and industrial applications.

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Plug-In Timers

Simple to install and easy to operate, these plug-in solutions allow for ON/OFF control in a wide variety of applications.

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