Motor Control

Versatile Performance, Enhanced Efficiency

Mechanical Controls

Trusted and reliable, our mechanical controls simplify equipment run schedules and are easy to update. A diverse range of available features allow pool owners to choose the mechanical timer control that best meets their needs.

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Pool & Spa Electronic Controls

Program equipment run schedules and promote energy efficiency with our range of electronic controls. Select solutions offer wireless connectivity and remote automation, making them an excellent option for commercial and rental applications.

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Pool & Spa Panels

Upgrade the pool pad with our selection of pool and spa panels, including load centers and control panels. A variety of options include built-in timer controls and transformers, as well as standalone solutions.

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Pool Accessories

From trippers and mounting brackets to replacement thermostats and relays, these accessories keep our pool and spa controls working at their best.

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Remote Controls

Add a level of convenience to the pool pad with our range of wireless remote control solutions and accessories.

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