Pool Pumps

PURFLO Pool Pumps

PURFLO two-speed pool pumps feature a rugged TEFC motor, meeting all the needs of today's energy-conscious pool owners. Designed to withstand even the most demanding installations and conditions, these pumps are more energy efficient at low speeds than traditional pumps, resulting in lower electricity costs.

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UNI-BOOST Booster Pumps

Keep your pressure side cleaner moving all season long with the UNI-BOOST® Booster Pump. Along with its best-in-class technology and unparalleled quiet performance, UNI-BOOST® offers extended motor life, helping pool owners save money in the long run.

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Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Reduce energy consumption while maintaining a sanitary environment with variable-speed pool pumps. Combining premium efficiency with tremendous program flexibility, these pumps offer numerous motor speeds and time settings for any application.

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