Good, Better, Best: Common Sense Commercial Lighting Control Solutions
Good, Better, Best: Common Sense Commercial Lighting Control Solutions

Just like no two projects are the same, the needs of every business are unique. However, by taking a proactive approach to energy use and lighting, business owners and electrical contractors can create spaces that fit business needs while promoting energy efficiency and comfort. Here’s how to get started at your office, retail store, workshop, or place of business.

Start with the Basics (Good)

Sometimes the best path forward is the simplest. Building managers and business owners can make an immediate positive impact on their monthly utility costs by replacing incandescent and halogen light bulbs with energy-efficient LEDs. Along with this, installing simple in-wall switches like our ST01 In-Wall Timer or ASCEND® 7-Day Programmable Timer in central locations (e.g., lobbies, entrances, sales floors, etc.) will ensure bulbs are on only when they’re intended to be.

To go a step further, business operators can integrate basic in-wall occupancy/vacancy sensors to minimize energy waste. Commercial-grade occupancy sensors like our IOS-DDR-WH are an excellent choice for bathrooms, meeting rooms, storage areas, and any other space workers or patrons use without a fixed schedule.

Create a Centralized Schedule (Better)

Once the basics are covered, building owners and facilities managers can benefit from thinking about their business as a connected unit rather than a collection of individual spaces. In complex environments like grocery stores, department stores, warehouses, hospitals, and schools, a multi-circuit electronic control can help align schedules across multiple floors and areas.

Our flagship ET90000 Series allows users to create 365-day schedules across up to 16 circuits. This helps facilities create dynamic, area-specific lighting schedules that cater to business needs. For example, a department store may choose to keep exterior lights (or signage) illuminated 24/7, but designate lights on the sales floor to be on only during shopping hours. And because the schedule is 365 days, facility managers can account for extended holiday hours, closures, and other special circumstances on the front end, saving time in maintenance work.

In tandem with robust electronic controls, business owners can install outdoor solutions like our Locking Type or Fixed Mount Electronic Photocontrols to promote safety and energy efficiency in spaces like parking lots and walkways. Electronic photocontrols match the extended life expectancy of outdoor LED lights and facilitate basic dusk-to-dawn lighting.

Integrate Smart Control (Best)

Lastly, business owners who want to truly jump feet-first into energy-efficient lighting can look to smart solutions like our ARISTA® Advanced Lighting Control System. ARISTA combines Bluetooth® mesh technology and a suite of modular components, including occupancy/vacancy sensors, daylight sensors, controllers, and manual overrides, to create dynamic, code-compliant lighting environments.

Once components are installed, contractors and facilities managers can use the ARISTA app to adjust multiple tuneable parameters (e.g., run level, dim level, sensor sensitivity, etc.) as well as ON/OFF schedules for customizable Areas and Zones. This allows businesses to adhere to evolving code standards, such as Title 24, while also providing occupants with day-to-day comfort and control within set guardrails.

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