Spruce Up Your Home and Garden with Intermatic Solutions
Spruce Up Your Home and Garden with Intermatic Solutions

Small upgrades to lighting controls and common home features can boost curb appeal and provide unexpected, everyday convenience. As you tackle your summer to-do list, consider these practical Intermatic project ideas to enhance your home and realize lasting energy savings.

Elevate Your Entryway

After planting the hydrangeas, installing boutique house numbers, and adding a pop of color to your front door, consider pairing your entranceway or foyer lights with an ST01 Heavy-Duty In-Wall Timer or ASCEND® Smart In-Wall Timer. Installing these practical lighting controls ensures the hard work you put into designing your home makes a lasting impression, day or night.

The ST01 and ASCEND® Smart In-Wall Switch allow for 7-day programming and include an Astronomic scheduling feature. This makes it easy for homeowners to showcase their residence and promote safety while also being mindful of energy use. For example, front porch lights could be set to turn on at dusk, then off at 1 a.m. when activity is minimal.

Maintain Outdoor Receptacles

Outdoor receptacle covers can wear out over time. However, by taking a few minutes to walk the perimeter of your property and inspect your outdoor receptacles, you can ensure your outlets and any connected equipment (e.g., string lights, electric smokers, pool pumps, etc.) are protected all year long.

If a receptacle needs to be replaced, look to our low-profile expandable in-use covers for their modern aesthetic and versatile design. Helpful features, such as a collapsible front window, a no-hassle latch with lockable hasp, and included GFCI presets provide lasting value and everyday convenience.

Rethink the Garage (and Laundry Room)

Take your garage to the next level by replacing standard light switches with an in-wall occupancy sensor like the IOS-DSR-WH PIR Occupancy Sensor. Once installed, the sensor will turn lights on (and off) shands-free whenever you access the space, making daily chores like retrieving items in storage or carrying in groceries just a little bit easier. These sensors are also an excellent option in limited-use spaces within the home, such as pantries and laundry rooms.

Keep it Cool

The price of home appliances, including HVAC systems, has been on the rise for months with little relief in sight. Protect your current HVAC investment from damaging power surge events with a robust surge protection solution from Intermatic. Taking a proactive approach to surge protection can potentially help avoid an expensive replacement while ensuring your family stays cool all summer long.

Easy-to-install SPDs like the AG3000 and CD1-024R COMPRESSOR DEFENDER® provide layers of protection and include a multi-year warranty on all connected equipment. The solutions can be placed on the A/C disconnect or at your main electrical panel in a matter of minutes for a lasting defense against power surge events.

Ready to get started on your next summer project? Connect with your local Intermatic representative (or contact us) for fresh application ideas and product recommendations.