Prepare for Pool Season with the Intermatic PS3000 Surge Protective Device and Load Center
Prepare for Pool Season with the Intermatic PS3000 Surge Protective Device and Load Center

Even the best laid plans for pool season can be sunk in an instant when an unexpected power surge occurs. Without the right surge protection device in place, transients and voltage surges can damage expensive pool equipment, keeping homeowners out of the water and holding the bill for costly maintenance.

But there’s a simple way to prevent disaster in the upcoming pool season.

Versatile solutions like the Intermatic PS3000 Surge Protective Device (Type 1 and 2 Listed) and Load Center make it easy for pool professionals to protect the entire bundle, including pumps, LED lighting, heaters and more, while providing lasting defense against transients and voltage surges.

Understanding Power Surge Events

A power surge (sometimes referred to as an electrical surge or voltage spike) is a transient wave of current, voltage or power in an electric circuit. In power systems in particular, a surge (or transient) is a subcycle overvoltage with a duration of less than a half-cycle of the normal voltage waveform.

Surges can affect entire electrical systems, causing damage to connected appliances and devices, as well as hardwired equipment.

The majority of surge events (approximately 60-80 percent) are created by large electrical appliances as they switch on and off, as well as from power grid switching issues. Eventually, this process can destroy pool equipment to the point that essential pieces need to be replaced. However, the damaging effects of power surge can be easily avoided with the right solution in place.

Ideal for Retrofits and New Construction

Designed for simple installation in a variety of settings, the PS3000 can be quickly wired into pool and spa breaker/automation panels or existing home electrical service panels for complete protection of all downstream equipment.

PS3000 units can also be paired with an Intermatic Load Center for added convenience and functionality. This is typically done in new pool builds, with the Load Center serving as the protecting central hub for connected pool and spa equipment.

24/7 Protection

Each PS3000 Surge Protective Device includes state-of-the-art TPMOV® technology, which suppresses surge events before they reach pool components. This eliminates potentially hazardous failure modes and keeps pool equipment working all season long. Moreover, a built-in LED indicator located on the front of the device signals that the SPD is working, giving homeowners peace of mind.

Common PS3000 applications:

  • Pool and spa LED lighting
  • Gas and electric high-efficiency heaters
  • Single and variable speed pool pumps
  • Pool automation systems
  • Water feature pumps
  • Chlorinators
  • Suction cleaners
  • Stereo and speaker systems
  • Portable hot tubs

With a typical installation time of just 10 minutes, adding an Intermatic SPD is a cost-effective and convenient “insurance policy” for pool and spa owners of all types. Better still, every PS3000 device includes a 3-year, $7,500 connected equipment warranty to back up its stellar reputation for performance and design.

Contact your local Intermatic representative today to learn how you can take a proactive approach to pool and spa surge protection in the upcoming season!