Prepare for Extreme Weather Events with Intermatic Solutions
Prepare for Extreme Weather Events with Intermatic Solutions

Homeowners across the United States are more likely than ever to experience extreme weather. From tropical storms and floods to heatwaves and droughts, a new report shows that these types of disasters occur five times more often than they did just fifty years ago.

While the most important thing in any disaster is to keep family and loved ones safe, preparing your home for extreme weather conditions can help minimize damage and make it easier to return to normal life.

Safeguard Against Power Quality Issues

A good first step towards preparing for hazardous scenarios is for homeowners to consider a whole-home surge protective solution. Devices like the SMART GUARD® IG2240-IMSK install at the electrical panel and provide surge protection to a wide range of electronics within the home, including appliances, televisions, desktop computers, audio equipment and more.

More importantly, maintaining power within the home can help ensure essential emergency systems like sump pumps, refrigerators and indoor lighting continue to work properly as long as the area has electrical service.

How does SMART GUARD work? When surge events occur due to power grid inconsistencies, the SMART GUARD system blocks the unexpected voltage spike from reaching all connected electronics, saving hardware built only for normal power levels from ruin. Once the severe weather has passed, helpful LED indicators on the SMART GUARD device’s IMODULE®s make it easy to tell if the system is still providing surge protection. Rather than calling an electrician for service, if needed, homeowners can quickly swap in new IMODULES to ensure they’re covered for the next power surge event.

Homes protected by a SMART GUARD system are covered by a minimum 10-year, $25,000 connected equipment warranty, bringing peace of mind for years to come.

Keep Air Conditioners Running

Access to cool spaces and clean water becomes essential when temperatures rise to extreme levels. One of the worst things that can happen is for an air conditioner to break down in the middle of a heat wave.

Along with regular HVAC maintenance, installing an HVAC-specific surge protective device can help extend the life of your home’s heating and cooling system by providing a layer of safety against power quality issues.

Intermatic has developed a powerful duo of HVAC surge protective devices - the COMPRESSOR DEFENDER® and AG3000 – that safeguard heating and cooling system components, such as ductless mini-splits, heat pumps and central air conditioners from sudden power quality issues.

These solutions are simple for professionals to install and provide a defense against power surge events, including during inclement weather conditions.

The COMPRESSOR DEFENDER and AG3000 include an industry-leading 3-year, $7,500 warranty on connected equipment.

In addition to keeping indoor spaces cool, pool and spa owners can take proactive steps toward safeguarding pumps, heaters, filters and other pool equipment all summer long by installing a PS3000 Surge Protective Device at their pool panel.

Protect Exterior Receptacles and Devices

Intense snow, sleet, hail and rain can wreak havoc on siding, vehicles, roofing and other exposed surfaces. It can also damage outdoor receptacles and energy controls if they’re not protected by an appropriate outdoor cover.

Intermatic offers a wide range of standard and extra-duty outdoor weatherproof covers, including plastic and metal options. These solutions meet or exceed 2020 NEC code standards and provide rugged protection in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

At the start of each season, it can be helpful to inspect all outdoor receptacles and device enclosures (e.g., irrigation timers, outdoor lighting controls), then make upgrades as necessary.

Be Strategic About Irrigation and Water Use

While keeping a green lawn may not be a top concern when severe weather hits, being mindful of water usage in all types of conditions can help reduce utility costs and keep homeowners in line with local water conservation efforts.

Versatile solutions like the T8805P101C Irrigation Timer allow for up to 44 “ON” events every 24 hours, a range of watering increments, and a 14-day skipper option. This allows for flexibility in everyday irrigation needs while helping to maximize water conservation and adhere to odd/even day watering guidelines.

By planning ahead for potentially dangerous weather conditions, electricians and homeowners can work together to ease the burden of recovery and stay prepared for every season in the years to come.