How Can There Be a One-Size-Fits-All Commercial Lighting Control Solution?
How Can There Be a One-Size-Fits-All Commercial Lighting Control Solution?

You won’t find a deep fryer in most office buildings, and it’s not likely you’ll see a Xerox machine at your local bakery or nail salon. Of course, every business is different and unique. With an infinite number of specializations, physical layouts, and occupant priorities, it’s hard to imagine a single lighting control solution could be capable of handling such a broad set of client needs.

However, the room-based approach of the ARISTA® Advanced Lighting Control System makes it possible to integrate modern lighting control principles in virtually any indoor space.

Using Bluetooth® mesh technology and a suite of modular components, including room controllers, in-wall dimmers, occupancy sensors, and daylight sensors, ARISTA allows building owners to tailor lighting environments to align with business needs as well as local code standards. This makes it affordable enough to install in smaller spaces (e.g., bookstores, cafes) yet full-featured and scalable enough for larger multi-floor buildings (e.g., office buildings, hospitals).

Advantages of a Room-Based System

Room-based lighting control systems are often characterized by their affordability and simple commissioning process, but they tend to lack the automated scheduling functionality that more expensive enterprise-level solutions provide.

Implementing an advanced 365-day schedule across every space in a facility traditionally requires a dedicated “always on” gateway or system processor with an astronomic clock to synchronize dusk-to-dawn schedules based on the facility’s location. This adds cost and complexity to installations and often makes it unfeasible for small businesses to take advantage of top-tier solutions.

However, ARISTA’s design is inherently cost-effective and simple to commission. It offers the advanced scheduling capabilities of pricier lighting control solutions without sacrificing performance.

How is this possible? As a worldwide leader in timer-based solutions, Intermatic has been incorporating astronomic clocks in commercial, industrial, and residential timer controls for decades.

Every ARISTA controller, including single-channel, 2-channel, and 4-channel models, features an integrated real-time clock (RTC) chip for keeping timing accuracy. This eliminates the need for a central gateway. During setup, device clocks are synchronized through the ARISTA mobile app. Then, once the device is assigned to a specific Zone, the RTC aligns with the other devices in the Zone to ensure accuracy.

Regardless of whether a building owner chooses to install five ARISTA components or 50 ARISTA components, they benefit from this combination of functionality, consistency, and cost.

Designed to Grow

Another advantage of ARISTA is that it’s easy to add or swap out components as business needs evolve. Rather than starting from scratch, building owners can simply onboard new sensors or controllers to their existing layout via the ARISTA app. A variety of wireless components also allow for flexibility in spaces where a wiring run would be impractical or cost prohibitive.

For example, a restaurant may install a mix of ARISTA room controllers, presence sensors, and in-wall dimmers across a single 1,500 sq. ft. space. In five years, if the business expands to use the space next door or needs to reconfigure its layout, ARISTA makes it convenient to add supplemental components without having to start over. Beyond adding or removing components, the ARISTA app allows facilities managers to tweak a wide range of system parameters at any time. It’s quick and easy to adjust ON/OFF schedules, dim levels, sensor delays, and more.

Getting ready to choose a commercial lighting control system? Read our recent white paper, The Advantages of a Room-Based Bluetooth® Mesh Lighting Control System, to learn how ARISTA’s unique design delivers lasting performance and contractor-friendly features for businesses of all types and sizes.