New ARISTA® Advanced Lighting Control System Brings Simplicity, Smart Technology to Commercial Lighting Installations
New ARISTA® Advanced Lighting Control System Brings Simplicity, Smart Technology to Commercial Lighting Installations
Modular Design, Wireless Components Offer Flexibility and Ease of Installation

LIBERTYVILLE, Ill. – Intermatic Incorporated today announced the launch of its new ARISTA® Advanced Lighting Control System, a customizable smart lighting solution that supports commercial and municipal buildings up to 10,000 ft2. The system empowers installers of all technology backgrounds to integrate impressive, code-compliant functionality in a wide range of lighting control applications.

“ARISTA offers the best of both worlds – a dynamic smart lighting solution for building owners and a simple, easy-to-follow setup process for contractors,” says Eric Eronen, product marketing manager at Intermatic. “A suite of modular components lets users customize ARISTA to meet their project needs while intentional design decisions, like battery-powered sensors and secure Bluetooth® 5.0 mesh networking technology, remove barriers during installation.”

ARISTA combines a range of lighting control devices, including occupancy and vacancy sensors, daylight harvesting sensors and in-wall control switches, with an intuitive mobile platform to maximize energy efficiency and increase occupant comfort. This includes area-specific lighting control and scheduling, dimming and sensing capabilities. The system’s built-in real-time clock (RTC) also allows users to set schedules without the need of a gateway.

Using the ARISTA app and Bluetooth technology, installers can configure components, customize lighting schedules, adjust settings based on natural light levels and more via smartphone or tablet.

“The biggest headache electrical contractors face is getting smart controls to talk to each other during setup,” adds Eronen. “ARISTA’s simplified workflow and Bluetooth mesh networking technology takes the guesswork out of installation, all without needing to connect to a Wi-Fi network.”

ARISTA can be tailored to fit commercial projects of all types and delivers a wealth of helpful features, including:

  • Simple, Adaptable Components - ARISTA makes it easy for installers to combine components (e.g., occupancy sensors, timer controls, daylight harvesters) into a connected system to accommodate unique project needs.
  • Easy Smartphone Control - Use the ARISTA app to breeze through installation and commissioning, and manage settings once setup is complete. Add new users and set permissions based on access needs.
  • Limited Wiring, Battery Power - Battery-operated sensors and wireless communication streamline setup. Installers do not need to run 0-10 V wire from control or luminaire to the switch.
  • System Longevity - Reconfigure the ARISTA system at any time by adding or removing components. This offers value and flexibility as tenants turn over in commercial spaces.

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