Help Homeowners Prepare for Hurricane Season with Surge Protective Solutions
Help Homeowners Prepare for Hurricane Season with Surge Protective Solutions

By the time severe weather hits, it’s often too late to think about anything other than safety - and rightfully so. Though there’s no way to avoid disaster, having an emergency plan in place ahead of time can help families make the best of a bad situation.

Likewise, proactively preparing your home to stand up to inclement weather can help minimize the effects of storm damage inside and out.

In 2018, hurricanes and tropical storms caused upwards of $50 billion in property damage and displaced hundreds of thousands of homeowners throughout the United States. High winds and heavy rainfall put an enormous amount of stress on local infrastructure. As a result, power grid issues are an inevitability, and this frequently leaves major appliances and electronics damaged from sudden power surge events. 

To take proactive steps against power surge events – both in and out of hurricane season – homeowners can take advantage of a variety of whole home surge protection solutions from Intermatic. Comprehensive solutions like the Smart Guard® Whole House Surge Protective Device with IModule™ go beyond simple point-of-use surge strips to safeguard families in need.

Getting Started

A good first step for homeowners in areas frequently affected by storms is to consider a whole-home surge protective solution. These types of devices, such as the Smart Guard IG2240-IMSK, install at the electrical panel and provide surge protection to a wide range of electronics within the home, including appliances, televisions, desktop computers, audio equipment and more.   

When surge events occur due to power grid inconsistencies, the Smart Guard system blocks the unexpected voltage spike from reaching all connected electronics, saving hardware built only for normal power levels from ruin. Once the severe weather has passed, helpful LED indicators on the Smart Guard’s IModules make it easy to tell if the system has defended against a power surge issue and needs maintenance. But rather than calling an electrician for service, homeowners can quickly swap in new IModules to ensure they’re covered for the next power surge event.

What’s more, homes protected by a Smart Guard system are covered by a 10-year, $50,000/$25,000 connected equipment warranty, bringing peace of mind for years to come.

Expanding Protection to Outdoor Appliances

In addition to electronics and appliances within the home, homeowners need to protect outdoor electronics, such as HVAC equipment and pool components, from power issues associated with severe weather conditions.

Intermatic has developed a powerful duo of surge protective devices - the Compressor Defender™ and AG3000 – that safeguard heating and cooling system components, such as ductless mini-splits, heat pumps and central air conditioners from sudden power quality issues.

Designed based on American National Standards Institute and Underwriters Laboratories Standards (ANSI/UL1449 4th Edition), both solutions provide reliable power protection. What’s more, the Compressor Defender and AG3000 include an industry-leading 3-year, $7,500 warranty on connected equipment.

Similarly, surge protective devices like the Intermatic PS3000 can be installed on a pool’s electrical supply panel or spa disconnect to protect electrical equipment from surges, including gas and electric heaters, pool pumps, automation systems and more.

Hitting the Reset Button, Planning Ahead

While it’s an unfortunate reality, a major storm can force families away from their homes for days at a time. This typically means a shift away from daily routines and schedules, as well as a fair bit of uncertainty. 

By installing lighting controls that include built-in battery backups in addition to surge protective devices, homeowners can retain a level of control while having one less thing to worry about when they return to their residence.

In-wall options like the Ascend® Smart make it easy to manage lighting schedules from afar via a mobile device once power is restored. Similarly, simple digital plug-in timers like the DT200LT include a random mode that gives a home a “lived-in” appearance when seeking shelter out of town.

Moreover, Ascend Smart and talento® smart timers can be especially useful to small businesses that are impacted by storms, as normal operating schedules can be easily adjusted or paused with the swipe of a finger.

By learning how to proactively combat the damaging effects of storm-related power surge events, electricians and homeowners can work together to ease the burden of recovery and get back to normal life faster. 

To get started and learn more about protecting residential buildings from the dangers of power surge, contact your local Intermatic today.