4 Ways to Upgrade Your Home Office with Intermatic Solutions
4 Ways to Upgrade Your Home Office with Intermatic Solutions

While necessity shifted work from corporate campuses to at-home work desks in recent years, new perspectives on work-life balance have left many looking for ways to turn their ‘temporary’ home office into a more permanent household fixture.

Here are four practical ways lighting and energy controls can give your home workspace a well-deserved upgrade.

Simplify Everyday Lighting Needs

Whether it’s a kitchen nook, a spare bedroom or a dedicated study, finding a comfortable, well-lit area to call ‘home’ during the workday is essential to work-from-home success.

Use indoor plug-in timers, like the DT620 or TN311, to create basic ON/OFF schedules for floor lamps, fans and air conditioner units to simplify your morning routine and create a consistent work environment. These solutions can be particularly effective if your workspace has limited natural light in the morning or early evening.

Enjoy Hands-Free Convenience

Working from home means work breaks are often spent doing household chores rather than taking trips to the water cooler or office vending machine. Make the most out of this time by installing occupancy/vacancy sensors like the IOS-DSIF-WH In-Wall Occupancy Sensor in areas like laundry rooms, walk-in pantries, garages and bathrooms.

These easy-to-install controls help reduce energy waste and add a level of convenience by automatically turning lights on whenever you enter the room.

Take It Outside

If a computer and Wi-Fi connection is all you need to stay on task, take advantage of warm weather days by bringing your work setup outside – just don’t forget your laptop charger.

Our sleek, low-profile weatherproof covers make the perfect addition to any patio or garden and provide lasting protection for outdoor outlets. These stylish covers include an expandable front window that can be collapsed when not in use and instantly improve backyard décor.

Consider Surge Protection Needs

Power surge events can happen in an instant and cause serious damage to home office gear, including computers, televisions, printers and external monitors.

While point-of-use surge strips provide a layer of protection, if you’re consistently working from home, it’s worth considering a more robust surge protection solution. Our SMARTGUARD® line of SPDs delivers up to 6 modes of surge protection while making it easy for homeowners to monitor and maintain system integrity over the long haul.