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Applications et Solutions : Fresh Lighting Control Ideas for the Growing Self-Storage Industry

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Fresh Lighting Control Ideas for the Growing Self-Storage Industry

Shedding new light on the booming self-storage market

self-storage lighting controls 

When the attic, basement or garage fills up, a growing number of Americans are turning to self-storage facilities as a way to secure their extra belongings. Approximately 12.5 million households lease a storage unit each year, paying anywhere from $65 to $125 a month for the additional square footage.

This recent uptick in consumer demand means new opportunities for developers and contractors across the country. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, monthly spending on the construction of new self-storage facilities has skyrocketed from a meager $18 million in 2011 to a whopping $349 million in 2017. Combined with innumerable retrofit projects, it’s an incredibly busy period for the industry as a whole.

If you’re looking to expand your company’s local footprint or renovate existing facilities, consider how upgrading lighting controls can help cater to customer needs while boosting energy efficiency over the long haul.

Catering to Consumers

The first commercial self-storage facilities built in the 1960s are a far cry from the consumer-oriented, climate-controlled buildings sprouting up in communities across the United States today. Primarily outdoor spaces, early facilities often relied on wall pack fixtures to provide lighting support and included spring wound timers in each storage unit.

If your facility still depends on mechanical countdown timers, consider upgrading outdated and broken timers with reliable, cost-effective solutions from Intermatic. With a range of in-wall styles and countdown time options, Intermatic Spring Wound Timers provide the simple consistency customers need while being an investment that will last for years.

Operators who are looking to take their storage facility to the next level may also want to consider installing occupancy sensors in individual storage units. Low-voltage sensors like the Intermatic IOS-CMP-DT-LV offer hands-free convenience while ensuring that lights are on only when customers are actively using their storage space. Better still, because no neutral is required for installation, this type of control makes for a quick retrofit solution.

self-storage lighting controls

Beyond the Storage Unit

In addition to upgrading basic in-unit controls, large-scale storage facilities can benefit from installing companion solutions, including occupancy sensors, photocontrols and 365-day electronic controls, throughout their location.

For example, placing occupancy sensors in hallways, elevator bays and shared spaces is a great way to provide necessary lighting support while conserving energy during quiet periods. As seasoned managers can attest, activity during the beginning and end of the month is far different than the average weekday. Sensors make it easy to limit energy waste and mirror usage trends.

Similarly, parking lots and outdoor storage areas are an excellent place to install photocontrols. Locking type photocontrols like the Intermatic NightFox™ Series provide dependable ON/OFF switching and are compatible with LED lighting fixtures. This type of upgrade is especially beneficial if your facility is in the process of migrating from incandescent wall pack fixtures to high-efficiency LED bulbs.

Getting Started

Whether you operate a small community storage facility or represent a major self-storage franchise, Intermatic’s team of lighting control consultants is eager to help you get the most out of this rising tide. Contact your local Intermatic representative today to learn more about our dependable, cost-effective timer and energy control solutions.

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