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Aplicaciones y Soluciones : Spring Ahead without Skipping a Beat

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Spring Ahead without Skipping a Beat

Have trouble keeping up with DST? Spring Ahead with the ST01.

Have trouble keeping up with DST? Spring Ahead with the ST01 

When it comes to Daylight Saving Time the two terms that come to mind are “Spring Ahead” and “Fall Behind”. Whereas one is often lamented over lost sleep, the other is lauded for the extra hour it grants. Yet lengthening the day during daylight hours is something worth celebrating for those that live in areas where the sun shines less often.

Every year this “Spring Ahead” takes place on the second Sunday of March, this year that date and time will be March 12th at 2:00am. This time change will occur in the entire U.S., excluding Hawaii and certain parts of Arizona. Many countries in Europe and the United Kingdom also partake in DST on a similar but slightly varied schedule.

Fact: The correct term contrary to popular belief is Daylight Saving Time and not Daylight Savings Time. Although it is unknown where and when the addition of the “s” started it has become the primary way some identify DST.

Astronomic Timing vs. Daylight Saving Time

Astronomic timing uses exact geographical location along with the Earth’s rotation to continuously adjust on/off times based on sunrise/sunset. Since DST adjustments only need to be made twice a year, it is very likely the two would be used concurrently in a timer. The marriage of these two functions in a timer allows a homeowner to only have to go through setup once, saving them the time and hassle of having to adjust their times throughout the year for the seasons and DST.  This also guarantees accuracy across the globe as sunrise/sunset times vary greatly. All of this information is important when setting up your Intermatic timer to ensure that it runs smoothly without having to constantly tinker with the settings.

Do I need to update my Intermatic control/timer?

Fortunately most Intermatic controls will update automatically, however if your timer was manufactured before January 1, 2007 then a manual adjustment may be needed. Below is a list of the series of timers and their date codes that will need their DST feature manually enabled for "Spring Ahead".


Date Code











The ST01 is a versatile and heavy-duty timer that allows 7-day programmability and as many as 40 ON/OFF events. It features an astronomic clock and automatic DST adjustment which means no need to do anything for "Spring Ahead"! While the ST01 is very simple to setup there are some common features homeowners need assistance with. For example, when programming the timer to turn on and off through the day, the timings need to be set in different programs (such as program 1 for on and program 2 for off) rather than in the same one. This is accomplished by hitting the plus button after setting the first program and then inputting the time in the second one for off as to separate the on and off functions. Another very common question is in regards to the ability to set from Dusk to a fixed time. This is indeed possible and can be accomplished by following these steps from a hard reset upon completion of the SETUP section - Programming Dusk ON/Fixed Time OFF:

  1. Press MODE to display PGM. - Press ON/OFF three times to choose DUSK.
  2. Press ON/OFF to choose the days you need, then press to change days from ALL, M-F, Weekend, or individual day.
  3. Press ON/OFF to SAVE your work.
  4. Press to go to Program 2. - Press ON/OFF twice to display DAWN.
  5. Press until you get to 12:00 pm. - Press ON/OFF.
  6. Press or to set the hour of the OFF time. - Press ON/OFF.
  7. Press or to set the minutes of the OFF time.
  8. Press ON/OFF to choose the days you need, then press to change days from
  9. ALL, M-F,Weekend, or individual day.
  10. Press ON/OFF to SAVE your work. - Press MODE to display AUTO.

If Dusk and Dawn are set up in your time but it will not go into Auto, this is due to the missed step of going to PGM afterward and entering Dusk ON into program 1 and Dawn OFF into program 2. However, if your programming is properly in place yet the lights are turning on during the day instead of night, it's a simple case of AM and PM being mixed up either in your settings, current time of day, or program settings. A few other common questions we get in regard to the ST01 are the following:

Q. My timer keeps clicking repeatedly, why is this happening?

A. This is due to the fact that your timer was most likely wired in a 3-way configuration and the remote switch was not wired properly

Q. My timer display is not working at all, what can I do?

A. If this is the case, it has come time for your timer's battery to be replaced

Q. My timer display is visible but it won'tswitch,or occasionally misses switches, why is that?

A. This is generally a symptom of a very low battery and one that should be replaced immediately to prevent your timer from stopping entirely

For all your other ST01 questions please feel free to read our easy-set guide.

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