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talento smart Time Switch with Mobile App

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Speed up installs

with DIN-rail mounting & compact footprint.

Program with ease

using Bluetooth® connectivity & mobile apps.

Save energy

in all types of facilities & applications.

Designed for Electricians and Optimized to Deliver Greater Efficiency

Bluetooth® wireless connectivity and programmability through mobile apps make the talento smart Series a smart choice for a variety of time switch tasks. Quick installation features help boost an electrician’s productivity while mobile apps make scheduling of building controls in all types of facilities convenient. A compact, DIN-rail mountable design enables smooth integration into existing infrastructures.

Eliminate the need of having to open the control cabinet to program or modify a system with Bluetooth® connectivity. Conveniently customize schedules from a smartphone or tablet with mobile apps, available for free on the Google Play and Apple Store. Templates and holiday wizards reduce development time and effort and can be used over and over for multiple installations. Astronomic dusk to dawn timing functionality with automatic geolocation feature provides faster, easier and more accurate control.

talento smart&trade

Product Lineup - Features and Comparisons


talento smart B15


1-Circuit Time Switch

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talento smart B25


2-Circuit Time Switch

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talento smart C15


1-Circuit Time Switch

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talento smart C25


2-Circuit Time Switch

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Series Basic Advanced
Model Number B15 B25 C15 C25
No. of Circuits 1-Circuit 2-Circuit 1-Circuit 2-Circuit
Scheduling Capabilities   24-Hours Yes Yes Yes Yes
7-Day Yes Yes Yes Yes
365-Day Limited to 1-2 Programs Yes Yes
Priority Event Programming No No Yes Yes
Memory Size   No. of Events 100 100 500 500
No. of Programs 10 10 50 50
Event Types   ON/OFF Yes Yes Yes  Yes
Random No No Yes Yes
Pulse No No Yes Yes
Cycle No No Yes Yes
Astronomic No No Yes Yes
Electrical Ratings   Voltage 120-240 VAC
Amperage 15A, 120 VAC / 10 A, 240 VAC
Zero-Crossing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes Yes Yes Yes



Customized Scheduling and Wireless Control

The Smart Time Switch for any Application

With 365-day-a-year programmability, 100- to 500-event memory, and a selection of astronomic, pulse, random and cycle function event types, there’s a talento smart digital timer to meet the unique needs of a facility or space. Manage a facility’s energy costs by automatically controlling devices such as lights, pumps, fans and motors on a predetermined schedule. Schedules can be geographically linked to the changing sunrise and sunset times throughout the year. Additionally, a holiday wizard and advanced calendaring features allow sophisticated event programming - with space for up to 500 events.


Fan, Pump and Lighting Control Applications

Control - Outdoor Signage & Billboards

Programmable Timer - Retail Stores

Digital Time Switch - Office Lighting

Wireless Bluetooth Control - Parking Lot Lighting

Timer for Lights - Community Sports Fields

Digital Control - Fountain & Pond Pump

Timer - Hydroponics, Aeroponics & Indoor Grow

Lighting Control - Semi-Public Spaces

talento smart&trade
Boost Productivity with Scheduling Control at your Fingertips

Transfer Data Wirelessly and Program From a Smartphone or Tablet with Mobile Apps

Electricians enjoy talento smart’s quick installation and clients appreciate the easy-to-use smart phone interface for scheduling building controls. Wireless setup, transfer and export of programs, without the need for any additional hardware, allows electricians to complete all programming-related tasks faster and more efficiently, optimizing the overall flow of a project. Existing program details can be exported or copied quickly and completely to a smartphone from a time switch to a smartphone and vice versa, even when the cabinet door is closed.

Available for

Smart Phone
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