Obsolete Items

Timer Controls Photocontrols Surge Protection Weatherproof Covers Pool & Spa Lighting Accessories

Timer Controls

Discontinued Product
Replacement Product
AT1371CR T1400BR Mechanical Time Switch
AT1371R T1400BR Mechanical Time Switch
AT1372R T1400BR Mechanical Time Switch


FM1D14A-AV DIN-Rail Time Switch
DIGI14E-120 FM1D14E-AV  DIN-Rail Time Switch 
DIGI20A-120 FM1D20A-120 DIN-Rail Time Switch
DIGI20A-120-JS FM1D20A-120-JS DIN-Rail Time Switch
DIGI20A-24 FM1D20A-24 DIN-Rail Time Switch
DIGI20A-240 FM1D20A-240 DIN-Rail Time Switch
DIGI20E-120 FM1D20E-120 DIN-Rail Time Switch
DIGI20E-24 FM1D20E-24 DIN-Rail Time Switch
DIGI20E-240 FM1D20E-240 DIN-Rail Time Switch
DIGI42/2-120-H  FM2D50-120 DIN-Rail Time Switch 
DIGI42/2-120-JS FM2D50-120-JS DIN-Rail Time Switch
DIGI42/2-24-H FM2D50-24 DIN-Rail Time Switch  
DIGI42A-12 FM1D50A-12 DIN-Rail Time Switch
DIGI42A-120 FM1D50A-120 DIN-Rail Time Switch
DIGI42A-120-H  FM1D50A-120 DIN-Rail Time Switch 
DIGI42A-24 FM1D50A-24 DIN-Rail Time Switch
DIGI42A-240 FM1D50A-240 DIN-Rail Time Switch
DIGI42A-24-H FM1D50A-24  DIN-Rail Time Switch 
DIGI42E-12 FM1D50E-12 DIN-Rail Time Switch
DIGI42E-120 FM1D50E-120 DIN-Rail Time Switch
DIGI42E-24 FM1D50E-24 DIN-Rail Time Switch
DIGI42E-240 FM1D50E-240 DIN-Rail Time Switch
DT7 DT620 Plug-In Timer
DT11 DT620 Plug-In Timer
DT17 DT620 Plug-In Timer
DT18 None available Plug-In Timer
DT19 None available
Plug-In Timer
DT20 None available
Plug-In Timer
DT21 None available
Plug-In Timer
DT22 None available
Plug-In Timer
DT23 None available
Plug-In Timer
DT24 None available
Plug-In Timer
DT25 None available
Plug-In Timer
DT26 None available
Plug-In Timer
DT27 DT620 Plug-In Timer
DT300 DT620 Plug-In Timer
DT500 DT620 Plug-In Timer
E1120 KM2ST-1G Mechanical In-Wall
E1220 KM2ST-2G Mechanical In-Wall
E911 TN311/HB113 Mechanical In-Wall
E921 TN311/HB113 Mechanical In-Wall
EJ341C None available  Mechanical In-Wall
ET100C ET1105C/ET2105C Electronic Timer
ET101C ET1105C/ET2105C Electronic Timer
ET102C ET1105C/ET2105C Electronic Timer
ET102CM ET1105CM Electronic Timer 
ET103C ET1125C/ET2125C Electronic Timer
ET104C ET1125C/ET2125C Electronic Timer
ET104CM ET1125CM Electronic Timer
ET104CP ET1125CPD82 Electronic Timer
ET105C ET1115C Electronic Timer
ET171C ET1705C/ET2705C Electronic Timer
ET171CR ET1705CR/ET2705CR Electronic Timer
ET173C ET1725C/ET2725C Electronic Timer
ET174C ET1725C/ET2725C Electronic Timer
ET175C ET1715C/ET2715C Electronic Timer
ET279C ET1725C/ET2725C Electronic Timer
ET616 EI400C Electronic Countdown Timer
ET7115 ET90115C  Electronic Timer
ET715C ET1715C/ET2715C Electronic Timer
ET716CK ET90215C Electronic Timer
ET718C ET90415CR Electronic Timer
ET7215C ET90215C  Electronic Timer 
ET724-A-CS ST01A Electronic In-Wall Timer
ET724-CS ST01 Electronic In-Wall Timer
ET728C ET90415CR  Electronic Timer
ET7415C ET90415CR Electronic Timer
ET799C ET1725C/ET2725C/ET90215C Electronic Timer 
ET816CR ET90215CR Electronic Timer
FD12H FD12HC Springwound Timer - Decorator 
FD12HW FD12HWC Springwound Timer - Decorator 
FD15M FD15MC Springwound Timer - Decorator 
FD15MW FD15MWC Springwound Timer - Decorator 
FD30M FD30MC Springwound Timer - Decorator 
FD30MW FD30MWC Springwound Timer - Decorator 
FD60M FD60MC Springwound Timer - Decorator 
FD60MW FD60MWC Springwound Timer - Decorator 
FF12H FF12HC Springwound Timer - Commercial 
FF12HH FF12HHC Springwound Timer - Commercial 
FF15M FF15MC Springwound Timer - Commercial 
FF30M FF30MC Springwound Timer - Commercial 
FF60M FF60MC Springwound Timer - Commercial 
FF60MH FF60MHC Springwound Timer - Commercial 
FM1D50A FM1D50A  DIN-Rail Time Switch 
FM1D50A-24-H FM1D50A-24 DIN-Rail Time Switch  
FM1DIGI20-120U FM1D20-120U DIN-Rail Time Switch
FM1DIGI20-240U FM1D20-240U DIN-Rail Time Switch
FM1DIGI20-24U FM1D20-24U DIN-Rail Time Switch
FM1DIGI42/2 FM2D50 DIN-Rail Time Switch
FM1DIGI42-120U FM1D50-120U DIN-Rail Time Switch
FM1DIGI42-12U FM1D50-12U DIN-Rail Time Switch
FM1DIGI42-240U FM1D50-240U DIN-Rail Time Switch
FM1DIGI42-24U FM1D50-24U DIN-Rail Time Switch
FM2D50-120-H FM2D50-120 DIN-Rail Time Switch 
FM2D50-24-H FM2D50-24  DIN-Rail Time Switch  
GM40E-240-JS GM40AVE Electronic Timer
GMX2DIGI420-120 GMXFM2D500-120 DIN-Rail Time Switch
GMX2DIGI42-I GMX2FM2D50-I DIN-Rail Time Switch
GMX2DIGI42I-120 GMXFM2D50I-120 DIN-Rail Time Switch
GMX2DIGI42I-24 GMXFM2D50I-24 DIN-Rail Time Switch
GMX2DIGI42I-240 GMXFM2D50I-240 DIN-Rail Time Switch
GMX2DIGI42-O GMX2FM2D50-O DIN-Rail Time Switch
GMXDIGI20-I-120 GMXFM1D20-I-120 DIN-Rail Time Switch
GMXDIGI20-I-24 GMXFM1D20-I-24 DIN-Rail Time Switch
GMXDIGI20-I-240 GMXFM1D20-I-25 DIN-Rail Time Switch
GMXDIGI20-O-120 GMXFM1D20-O-120 DIN-Rail Time Switch
GMXDIGI20-O-24 GMXFM1D20-O-24 DIN-Rail Time Switch
GMXDIGI20-O-240 GMXFM1D20-O-240 DIN-Rail Time Switch
GMXDIGI42-I-12 GMXFM1D50-I-12 DIN-Rail Time Switch
GMXDIGI42-I-120 GMXFM1D50-I-120 DIN-Rail Time Switch
GMXDIGI42-I-24 GMXFM1D50-I-24 DIN-Rail Time Switch
GMXDIGI42-I-240 GMXFM1D50-I-240 DIN-Rail Time Switch
GMXDIGI42-O-12 GMXFM1D50-O-12 DIN-Rail Time Switch
GMXDIGI42-O-120 GMXFM1D50-O-120 DIN-Rail Time Switch
KLT12H FD12HC Springwound Timer
KLT12H-A FF12HC Springwound Timer
KLT12HH FD12HH Springwound Timer
KLT12HH-A FF12HHC Springwound Timer
KLT12HH-W FD12HHW Springwound Timer
KLT12H-W FD12HWC Springwound Timer
KLT15M FD15MC Springwound Timer
KLT15M-A FF15MC Springwound Timer
KLT15MH FD15MH Springwound Timer
KLT15MH-A FF15MH Springwound Timer
KLT15MH-W FD15MHW Springwound Timer
KLT15M-W FD15MWC Springwound Timer
KLT2H FD2H Springwound Timer
KLT2H-A FF2H Springwound Timer
KLT2HH None available Springwound Timer 
KLT2HH-A None available  Springwound Timer 
KLT2HH-W None available  Springwound Timer
KLT2H-W FD2HW Springwound Timer
KLT30M FD30MC Springwound Timer
KLT30M-A FF30MC Springwound Timer
KLT30MH FD30MH Springwound Timer
KLT30MH-A FF30MH Springwound Timer
KLT30MH-W FD30MHW Springwound Timer
KLT30M-W FD30MWC Springwound Timer
KLT4H FD4H Springwound Timer
KLT4H-A FF4H Springwound Timer
KLT4HH None available Springwound Timer 
KLT4HH-A None available  Springwound Timer 
KLT4HH-W None available  Springwound Timer
KLT4H-W FD4HW Springwound Timer
KLT5M FD5M Springwound Timer
KLT5M-A FF5M Springwound Timer
KLT5MH None available Springwound Timer 
KLT5MH-A FF5MH Springwound Timer
KLT5MH-W None available  Springwound Timer
KLT5M-W FD5MW Springwound Timer
KLT60M-A FF60MC Springwound Timer
KLT60MH FD60MC Springwound Timer
KLT60MH-A FF60MH Springwound Timer
KLT60MH-W FD60MHW Springwound Timer
KLT60M-W FD60MWC Springwound Timer
KLT6H FD6H Springwound Timer
KLT6H-A FF6H Springwound Timer
KLT6HH FD6HH Springwound Timer
KLT6HH-A FF6HH Springwound Timer
KLT6HH-W FD6HHW Springwound Timer
KLT6H-W FD6HW Springwound Timer
KM2STUH-120 KM2STU-1G  Mechanical In-Wall


Discontinued Product
Replacement Product


K4021C Fixed Mount
K4022 K4023C Fixed Mount
K4023 K4032C Fixed Mount
K4033 K4023C Fixed Mount
K4121 K4121C Fixed Mount
K4121M K4136M Fixed Mount
K4122 K4123C Fixed Mount
K4123 K4123C Fixed Mount
K4124 K4123C Fixed Mount
K4133 K4123C Fixed Mount
K4141 K4141C Fixed Mount
K4221 K4221C Fixed Mount
K4222 K4223C Fixed Mount
K4223 K4223C Fixed Mount
K4224 K4223C Fixed Mount
K4233 K4223C Fixed Mount
K4236 K4236C Fixed Mount
K4321 K4321C Fixed Mount
LC4521 LC4521C Locking Type
LC4536 LC4536C Locking Type
LC4536LA LC4536LAC Locking Type

Surge Protection

Discontinued Product
Replacement Product


AG2083C3 Hard Wired
AG2401 AG24013  
AG2401C AG2401C3 Hard Wired
AG2401-IND AG2401C3 Hard Wired
AG2403C AG2403C3 Hard Wired
AG4801 AG48013 Hard Wired
AG4803C AG4801C3
AG6503 AG65033
AG6503C AG6503C3 Hard Wired
AG6503C-IND AG6503C3 Hard Wired
AG6503C-INDL AG6503L3 Hard Wired
AG6503L AG6503L3 Hard Wired
IG11246 IG112463 Surge Strips
IG112663 IG112663 Surge Strips
IG11266BLK10 IG112663BLK10 Surge Strips
IG1240RC IG1240RC3 Surge Strips
IG1300-2T-1C IG1300-2T-1C3 Surge Strips
IG1300-4T-2C IG1300-4T-2C3 Surge Strips
IG2012B15 IG2012B153 Surge Strips
IG20615 IG206153 Surge Strips
IG2066 IG20663 Surge Strips
IG2086 IG20863 Surge Strips
IG20B12 IG20B123 Surge Strips
IG3240RC IG3240RC3 Surge Strips

Weatherproof Covers

Discontinued Product
Replacement Product


WP1010HMXD Extra-Duty Die-Cast
WP1010MC WP1010MXD Extra-Duty Die-Cast
WP104 WP107 Flexi-Guard Insert
WP105 WP107 Flexi-Guard Insert
WP106 WP107 Flexi-Guard Insert
WP1110WC WP1110C Flexi-Guard Insert
WP201 WP217 Flexi-Guard Insert
WP202 WP217 Flexi-Guard Insert
WP203 WP217 Flexi-Guard Insert
WP204 WP217 Flexi-Guard Insert
WP205 None available
WP206 WP217 Flexi-Guard Insert
WP207 WP213 Flexi-Guard Insert
WP208 WP213 Flexi-Guard Insert
WP209 WP217 Flexi-Guard Insert
WP210 WP217 Flexi-Guard Insert
WP211 WP217 Flexi-Guard Insert

Pool & Spa

Discontinued Product
Replacement Product
P1102FE P1103FE Electronic Timer
P1102ME P1103FE Electronic Timer
P1103ME P1103FE Electronic Timer
P1161 P1261P Electronic Timer
P1203FR P1103FE Electronic Timer
P1261PE P1261P Electronic Timer
P7101 P7103ME Electronic Timer
P7102ME P7103ME Electronic Timer
PB813MZ56 PB913N Panel-Mount Timer
PB815MZ52 PB913N Panel-Mount Timer
PB873MKZ25 PB873MKZ Panel-Mount Timer
PB873MKZ26 PB873MKZ Panel-Mount Timer
PB878MKZ25 PB374EB Panel-Mount Timer
PB879MKZ25 PB373EB Panel-Mount Timer
PB912M10R PB913N Panel-Mount Timer
PB913M3 PB913N Panel-Mount Timer
PB913M56 PB913N Panel-Mount Timer
PB913M9 PB913N Panel-Mount Timer
PB913N22 PB913N Panel-Mount Timer
PB913N25 PB913N Panel-Mount Timer
PB913N26 PB913N Panel-Mount Timer
PB913N27 PB913N Panel-Mount Timer
PB913N50 PB913N Panel-Mount Timer
PB913N68 PB913N66 Panel-Mount Timer
PB913N70 PB913N Panel-Mount Timer
PB913N82 PB913N66 Panel-Mount Timer
PB913N83 PB913N84 Panel-Mount Timer
PB913N86 PB913N66 Panel-Mount Timer
PB913P68 PB913N66 Panel-Mount Timer
PB913P69 PB913N66 Panel-Mount Timer
PB914N50 PB914N Panel-Mount Timer
PB915M81 PB913N Panel-Mount Timer
PB918N26 PB314E Panel-Mount Timer
PB918N50 PB314E Panel-Mount Timer
PB918N83 PB314E Panel-Mount Timer
PE14065RC PE15065RC Electronic Timer
PE153W PE153 Electronic Timer
PE153WF PE153 Electronic Timer
PE24065RC PE25065RC Electronic Timer
PE34065RC PE35065RC Electronic Timer
PE34065RCT3 PE35065RC  Electronic Timer
PE950 PE953 Electronic Timer
RC2103E RC2103S Pool and Spa Air-Operated Controls
RC2112S RC2103S Pool and Spa Air-Operated Controls
RC2123MT RC2123PT Pool and Spa Air-Operated Controls
RC2123S RC2123PT Pool and Spa Air-Operated Controls
RC2133M RC2123PT Pool and Spa Air-Operated Controls
RC2133P RC2123PT Pool and Spa Air-Operated Controls
RC2163E RC2163BFE Pool and Spa Air-Operated Controls
RC2163FE RC2163BFE Pool and Spa Air-Operated Controls
RC2233P RC2103S Pool and Spa Air-Operated Controls
RC2263BE RC2163BFE Pool and Spa Air-Operated Controls
RC2263E RC2163BFE Pool and Spa Air-Operated Controls
RC2343M RC2343PT Pool and Spa Air-Operated Controls
RC2343MT RC2343PT Pool and Spa Air-Operated Controls
RC2343P RC2343PT Pool and Spa Air-Operated Controls
RC2403RT RC2343PT Pool and Spa Air-Operated Controls
RC4F RC4G Pool and Spa Air-Operated Controls


Discontinued Product
Replacement Product
FL035HPS None available Luminaire
FL050HPS None available Luminaire
FL050MH None available Luminaire
FL050MHT None available Luminaire
FL070HPS None available Luminaire
FL070MH None available Luminaire
FL070MHT  None available  
FL100HPS None available Luminaire
FL100MH None available Luminaire
FL100MHT None available   
FL150HPS None available Luminaire
FL150HPST None available   
FL150MH None available Luminaire
FL150MH-PS None available Luminaire
FL150MHT None available Luminaire
FL150Q None available   
FL150QMSW  None available  
FL175MH  None available  
FL175MHT  None available  
FL250HPS None available Outdoor Flood Lighting -  HID
FL250HPST None available Outdoor Flood Lighting -  HID
FL250MH None available Outdoor Flood Lighting -  HID
FL250MH-PS None available Outdoor Flood Lighting -  HID
FL250MHT None available Outdoor Flood Lighting -  HID
FL300MSW  None available  
FL300Q  None available  
FL400HPS None available Outdoor Flood Lighting -  HID
FL400HPST None available Outdoor Flood Lighting -  HID
FL400MH None available Outdoor Flood Lighting -  HID
FL400MH-PS None available Outdoor Flood Lighting -  HID
FL400MHT None available Outdoor Flood Lighting -  HID
FL500Q None available   
FL70MTL None available   
FLD100MTL None available  
IR6-600WH None available  LED Luminaire
WL035HPS None available Luminaire
WL050HPS None available Luminaire
WL050MH None available Luminaire
WL050MHT None available Luminaire
WL070HPS None available Luminaire
WL070HPSPC None available Luminaire
WL070MH None available Luminaire
WL070MHT None available Luminaire
WL100HPS None available
WL100HPST None available
WL100MH None available Luminaire
WL100MHT None available Luminaire
WL150HPS None available Luminaire
WL150HPST None available Luminaire


Discontinued Product
Replacement Product


107HB254 Tripper
107SB217 107HB255 Tripper
119T1713852 None available
146MT415A 146MT577 (GRAY) Knob
146MT417A 146MT579 (BLACK) Knob
146MT492A 146MT573 (IVORY) Knob
146MT494A 146MT574 (WHITE) Knob
146MT563A 146MT575 (ALMOND) Knob

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