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Product Highlights : 3 Unexpected Benefits of Extra-Duty Die-Cast Weatherproof Covers

Weatherproof Outlet Covers

3 Unexpected Benefits of Extra-Duty Die-Cast Weatherproof Covers

Secure Protection, Sleek Design

Covering electrical receptacles in outdoor environments isn’t just a smart way to reduce maintenance issues and ensure performance – it’s required for code compliance. However, beyond meeting local building standards, Intermatic In-Use Extra-Duty Die-Cast Weatherproof Covers deliver a range of unexpected benefits to installers and building owners alike.


Built Intermatic Strong

Designed and tested in our UL Certified lab, Intermatic Extra-Duty Die-Cast covers are built to withstand heavy precipitation and impact forces of up to 12 lbf. The die-cast aluminum covers are certified for Type 3R applications and include UV stabilized polycarbonate inserts. This helps protect the cover from outdoor elements and safeguards outlets from accidental impacts. 


Watch: Kaboom! Intermatic Extra-Duty Die-Cast Covers Pass the Test


Simple, Secure Installation

Included inserts and a neoprene gasket allow each Extra-Duty Die-Cast Cover to meet multiple installation needs (8 configurations for single-gang models, 70 configurations for double-gang models). Moreover, a built-in lockable hasp and a hinge that’s rated for 40 lbf (stress test) defend each cover from outside tampering.


Sleek Industrial Design

Perfect for industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential applications, Intermatic Extra-Duty Die-Cast Covers offer a modern design and neutral gray color that blends into the surrounding environment. The rugged, modern look reinforces the lineup’s longevity and heavy-duty performance.


Know that you can trust Intermatic, the market leader for in-use weatherproof covers, for all of your project needs. Contact your local Intermatic representative or visit to learn more about our full line of in-use weatherproof covers today.

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