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Product Highlights : Zero-Crossing Technology Drives Long-Lasting Intermatic Solutions

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Zero-Crossing Technology Drives Long-Lasting Intermatic Solutions

These versatile LED-compatible solutions make all the difference

 zero cross lighting control technology

Ensure your next lighting installation is designed to last for the long haul with reliable lighting controls from Intermatic. Select Intermatic timers, photocontrols and occupancy sensors include innovative zero-crossing technology, which helps minimize the damaging effects of high inrush current events.

What is Zero Crossing?

Zero Crossing refers to the relay switching technology found in a variety of high-performance Intermatic controls. These models are designed to trigger load switching when AC voltage passes the zero mark rather than when operating current is near its peak.

Without this built-in technology, lighting controls can face severe high inrush transients that are up to 100 times the recommended operating level. Over time, this can damage or even destroy controls.

Key to Preventing Damage

Zero-crossing technology helps lighting controls match the long lifespan of new LED lighting systems. By taking a proactive approach and confirming lighting controls are compatible with LED bulbs, you can avoid maintenance issues and unexpected replacement costs down the road.

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Finding the Right Match

Intermatic has a strong lineup of LED-rated controls that are UL-certified and designed to fit a wide range of applications. From outdoor billboards and parking lot lights to indoor offices and hydroponic applications, our zero-crossing solutions have you covered.

Meet Our Team of Zero-Crossing Solutions

  • ET2000 Series Basic+ Electronic Time Switches: The ET2000 Series offers an easy-to-use interface and detailed scheduling options to match nearly any application. With up to 96 ON/OFF events and 50 holiday blocks, it’s a robust digital control that fits seamlessly into existing Intermatic enclosures. The unit’s 100-hour capacitor also helps safeguard against power outages.
  • NightFox™ Pro Series: Balancing efficiency, durability and functionality, NightFox Pro Series provides municipalities, utilities and co-ops a new level of customization with photocontrols. Tested at full load to 5 k, 10 k, and 15 k ON/OFF cycles with NEMA 410 inrush load abilities, they help meet a wide variety of application needs and budgets without sacrificing quality. They’re a top-level photocontrol solution that’s tested and warrantied to match the life expectancy of LED fixtures.
  • NightFox™ Series: Similar to the NightFox Pro Series, standard NightFox Series photocontrols are designed to match the long life of LED and induction lighting fixtures. They come with a 10- to 20-year service life expectancy and include solid-state light sensors and relays that feature zero-crossing technology for more precise control. Locking type models in two voltage ranges, 120-277 V or 347-480 V, which makes it easy to accommodate any supply power configuration.
  • talento smart™ Time Switch: The new talento smart product family was developed with electricians at its core. Its compact DIN rail design streamlines the installation process while Bluetooth® connectivity and the intuitive talento smart mobile app makes it easy to save time programming the device. With included zero-crossing technology, 365-day scheduling and automatic Astronomic dusk-to-dawn functionality, it’s the perfect digital time switch to manage energy costs in both commercial and residential settings.
  • Commercial Grade Occupancy Sensors: Intermatic Commercial Grade Occupancy Sensors help installers save on energy costs while adding a level of convenience and security to all types of facilities. Choose from both in-wall and ceiling mount styles, as well as PIR or Dual Technology solutions, to match your project’s needs. Our Occupancy Sensors are compatible with incandescent, fluorescent, CFL and LED fixtures, and include zero-crossing technology to maximize the lifespan and performance of fixtures.

- In-Wall Mount Models: IOS-DSR/DOV/DDR, IOS-DOV-DT-WH

- Ceiling Mount Models: IOS-CMP-DT-U, IOS-HB-U, IOS-CMP-U

Contact your Intermatic sales representative today to learn more about our full catalog of zero-crossing solutions.

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