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Product Highlights : Take On Landscape Lighting Projects with the Versatile COMBOConnect™

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Take On Landscape Lighting Projects with the Versatile COMBOConnect™

Maximize pool, spa and landscape lighting opportunities

COMBOConnect Junction Box Transformer

Between developing a design, organizing permits, excavating the build site and completing installation, constructing an in-ground pool can be a months-long project that requires significant time and resources. Homeowners often invest upwards of $50,000 to ensure their new addition is the perfect fit for their home and backyard.

With such high stakes, it’s important for builders to think not only about the physical design and features of the pools and spas they create but also about how those designs might fit into the greater landscape of a home or outdoor space.

One savvy way to maximize pool, spa and landscape lighting opportunities is to stock components that are rated for multiple applications. This helps builders deliver on the full range of homeowner project needs.

A Two-Pronged Solution

Intermatic developed the new COMBOConnect™ Junction Box Transformer to help pool builders simplify low-voltage lighting installations and accommodate a wide variety of project types. The hybrid solution blends the simplicity of a standard junction box with the power of a 100 W low-voltage transformer and is rated for both water and landscape applications.

COMBOConnect is listed and labeled per NEC 680.24 for use with pool and spa underwater luminaires and per NEC 411 for low-voltage landscape lighting. This distinction makes COMBOConnect code-compliant and highly compatible with a wide selection of lighting solutions. This versatility allows builders to tackle projects that include low-voltage pool and spa lights, landscape lights and lighting for water features with a single, easy-to-install solution.

A Winning Approach to Pool, Spa and Landscape Lighting Projects

Expanding the scope of new pool construction projects to include landscape lighting design is a win-win for both pool builders and homeowners. Pool builders reap the benefits of increased billable hours and a larger end product while homeowners get to maintain a single point of contact for all of their backyard needs.

From the design phase through final construction, installers can integrate COMBOConnect to support unique design elements, tree lighting, security features, in-ground pool lighting and more.

Moreover, by adding Intermatic landscape timer controls to the mix, builders can ensure a smooth transition from initial installation to everyday use. One favorite among installers is the DT200LT 7-Day Digital Landscape Timer. In just a few minutes, users can program schedules to align to Astronomic dusk and dawn times, creating an ambiance that’s energy efficient and low maintenance.

Smaller Footprint, Improved Aesthetics

According to U.S. Census data, the average residential yard is roughly 13 percent smaller than it was a decade or two ago. While homes have gotten larger, pool builders and contractors have been tasked to add new features and improve functionality with less space.

A key benefit of COMBOConnect is its compact size. The unit’s unique design requires 20-30 percent less space than traditional, separately-installed components, making it easy for builders to add multiple low-voltage lights in a backyard without dominating the landscape. As a result, there are fewer items to hide or design around with landscaping and outdoor décor. In practice, installers can connect up to five low-voltage lights out of the box – one more than is typical with larger junction boxes – or daisy-chain multiple units for extended coverage.

By streamlining equipment with solutions like COMBOConnect, contractors can reduce overhead costs while providing top-notch service to new clients.

To learn more about COMBOConnect, contact your Intermatic representative today or visit

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