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Product Highlights : Stay on Top of Extra-Duty Weatherproof Cover Updates

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Stay on Top of Extra-Duty Weatherproof Cover Updates

Going above and beyond to protect against the elements while assisting installers at every turn

Weatherproof Cover Updates 

From heat waves and rainstorms to sub-zero temperatures and heavy snow, outdoor components are often required to stand up to some of the toughest weather conditions around. Thankfully, In-use Weatherproof Covers by Intermatic go above and beyond to protect against damage while assisting installers at every turn.

Learn how recent upgrades to our versatile array of Extra-duty receptacle covers make it quick and easy to get the job done right.

Simplified GFCI Application Installations

One of the biggest improvements contractors will notice about our line of Extra-duty Weatherproof Covers is that Plastic Extra-duty Covers (Single-gang) are now pre-set for GFCI applications. Standard features, such as a pre-adhered gasket, changeable inserts and built-in cord knockouts, eliminate steps during installation and save time. This can be especially useful on large projects with multiple outlet installs.

Moreover, four pre-set corner screw holes help ensure a watertight setup and two keyhole slots provide for faster installation.

For non-GFCI applications, Intermatic Extra-duty Weatherproof Covers also include multiple round options, toggle knockouts and a standard duplex insert to meet any project’s needs. All Extra-duty covers have a lockable hasp to promote safety and security.


Above and Beyond Code

Even more than ease of installation, code compliance is the most important aspects to consider when selecting a plastic or die-cast weatherproof cover. Per NEC guidelines, all 15 and 20 Amp receptacles in wet locations must have a weatherproof cover that is marked "Extra-Duty."

Fortunately, Intermatic Extra-duty Outdoor Weatherproof Covers are designed to meet or exceed current building standards, particularly NEC 2017, Article 406.9(B)(1) for wet locations and Extra-duty applications and CEC 2015 Section 26-702.

Picture Perfect Colors

Another fun and practical innovation to look forward to in our lineup of weatherproof covers is expanded color options. Whether you’re looking for a cover to blend in with the surrounding landscape, match a building façade or stand out with bold brand colors, there’s a solution to meet your needs. It’s easier than ever to ditch traditional grey or clear covers and add a bit of flair to your next project.

Contact your local Intermatic representative today to get started with our market leading Extra-duty Weatherproof Covers, and be sure to watch firsthand how our outdoor receptacle covers stand up to the elements.

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