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Product Highlights : Meeting a pool owner’s needs and budget is easy with a simple, one-touch automation solution

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Meeting a pool owner’s needs and budget is easy with a simple, one-touch automation solution

Looking for easy, one-touch pool and spa automation? There’s a simple solution.

Pool and Spa Automation Made Easy and Affordable

In today’s high-tech world, consumers have a spectrum of simple-to-sophisticated tools to choose from to accomplish virtually any given task. For example, some people use a smartwatch to read email, make a phone call, or view their favorite television show; others prefer a mechanical watch simply to know the time. 

Pool owners have many options when it comes to integrating automation for their pool and spa. Some pool and spa owners want total electronic automation. Others just want the ease of a basic timer or the simple convenience of one switch. For contractors, one of the keys to building a long-lasting relationship with a client is by delivering the right solution. As one pool owner put it, “I tell my pool guy what I want to pay and I trust him to make the right equipment decisions.” This oftentimes leaves the contractor on the hook to configure a system that’s within budget and will be easy to operate season after season. 

With more than 5 million in-ground pools installed across America, and over 55,000 new pools built each year according to PK Data market research, one of the major equipment selections a pool owner will make is whether to install a single-, two-, or variable-speed pump for filtration and cleaning. 

Despite the energy savings a two- or variable-speed pump provides, many pool owners will ask their contractor to install a single-speed, which is generally not considered an “Energy Star” pump, because it is a more affordable option; however, using a mechanical timer or automation system to control the pump will help pool owners achieve some energy efficiency by running it at an optimum time of day and for a timed duration.

Simple, One-touch Pool and Spa Automation 

The pool and spa market offers many levels of automation options. One easy-to-install, affordable, and simple-to-use pool and spa automation solution for retrofits or new installations is the Pool/Spa Remotely Operated Combination Control System, Model RC2163BFE.  

This 100 amp, 8-circuit control panel for combined pool and spa equipment enables easy transfer from pool mode to spa mode, and back again, by simply flipping or turning a wall-mounted switch. ON and OFF timing of loads, like filter pumps and heaters, are controlled remotely and away from the water for safe, cost effective and automatic operation. A three-position heater selector switch helps save on heating costs during the summer months or prevent over-heating of pool water if the heater is a single thermostat type. 

120- and 24-volt outputs allow the selected switching device (a SPST toggle switch, a timer or a radio receiver) to automate the filter pump, heaters, and valves that circulate water in the spa. There are several switching device options that a pool or spa owner can choose from for remote control: 

  • Any wall-mounted SPST switch.
  • An Intermatic Spring Wound FF or FD Series Countdown Spa Timer. This will automatically limit the ON times to control spa jets for a selected time interval. No electricity is required for operation, making these timers an energy-efficient way to control equipment.
  • A 24-hour timer, such as the Intermatic EI400WC Programmable Electronic Countdown Timer with a programmable countdown time between one-second and 24-hours.
  • An Intermatic RC939 Handheld 3-Channel Radio Transmitter that will send signals to the Intermatic RC613 Radio Receiver for remote ON/OFF control. The RC613 Radio Receiver has a manual ON/OFF button or can control loads wirelessly when paired with the transmitter. 

Any of the remote command options listed above will enable simple, one touch automation that: 

  • Overrides the energy saving timer 
  • Turns the pump ON 
  • Turns the valves from the pool/filter mode to the spa or water feature mode 
  • Switches the compatible dual thermostat on the heater or heat pump from the pre-set pool temperature to the pre-set spa temperature 
  • Changes operation back to the pool when the spa is deactivated by the switch 

Other features of the control system include: 

  • Up to 8 ON/OFF schedules with 24-hour electronic time clock 
  • Operates single-speed filter pump, up to three valve actuators and dual heater thermostats 
  • Includes two PE24VA actuators for turning valves between pool and spa modes 
  • A rainproof (Type 3R) enclosure suitable for pool and spa equipment control and for direct connection of underwater lights (no J-box required) 

Straightforward and Uncomplicated 

The RC2163BFE Pool/Spa Remotely Operated Combination Control System is the perfect solution when clients with a single-speed pump are looking for incredibly easy pool and spa operation. Plus, Intermatic offers a range of pool and spa automation solutions that can be tailored to what a pool and spa owner wants. And when you have selection, component compatibility or installation questions, you’ll find fast answers with Intermatic’s accessible customer service team

Are your customers enjoying the benefits of Intermatic’s RC2163BFE Pool and Spa Control System? Tell us what they love about it. Post a comment on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram.

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