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Product Highlights : Everything You Need to Know About DIN Rail Timers

Din-Rail, Timer Controls

Everything You Need to Know About DIN Rail Timers

A time-saving option that offers exciting new functionality for a host of applications

Everything You Need to Know About DIN Rail Timers

Whether you’re retrofitting an existing space or breaking new ground, finding the best time switch to match your project’s needs is one of the most important steps in the building process.

For years, builders have had limited options, many of which require time consuming manual work to install. Now, thanks to the widespread use of DIN rail technology, contractors and electricians can add progressive functionality to their projects while increasing efficiency and reducing labor costs.

What is DIN Rail Technology?

DIN rail refers to a standardized mount used to install circuit breakers and other types of controls within a building’s equipment rack. It serves as a modular platform to add components.

The technology was first developed in Germany by the Deutsches Institut fur Normung, hence the D-I-N acronym. Today, it’s recognized as both a European (EN) and international (IEC) electrical standard. “Standard DIN” is the most common DIN rail size. It’s 35mm wide and integrates with countless applications, including the talento smart time switch. Heavier (wider) DIN rail gauges can also be used for large machinery and super-sized equipment boxes, especially in manufacturing settings.

A Streamlined Approach, Simplified Hardware

One of the biggest benefits of DIN rail technology is that it saves time. In a traditional building setup, electricians need to use a contactor box that includes terminal strips, fuses, contactors and other components. This requires the installation of several different parts, any of which could break down and require maintenance. What’s more, since contactor boxes are typically built from scratch, they require custom drilling, which can monopolize time on the job site.

On the other hand, DIN rail allows builders to install a variety of modular components straight out of the box. The snap-on installation doesn’t require additional drilling or special tools, and in many cases, time switches can be installed and programmed within minutes.

Integrating DIN Rail and talento smart

When it comes to time switches, most electricians are used to solutions that require hefty lugs or terminal strips, which make them exceedingly complicated install. Even models that offer bare-bones functionality often require users to install not just a timer control but also a relay and complex wiring to work properly. And that’s just not practical.

New digital DIN rail time switches from the talento smart product family were developed with electricians at their core. They aim to simplify the installation process while being easy to program and routine to maintain. You can even pre-program the device before they reach the job site to cut down on time.

What’s more, talento smart offers the world’s first DIN rail time switch with Bluetooth (BLE) wireless connectivity. This helps electricians better manage programs and allows users to update the time switch using either the onboard interface or their smartphone using the talento smart mobile app - available on the App Store and Google Play.

Loads of Helpful Features

The key to saving time with talento smart is its wide range of built-in features. Using easy-to-follow presets, electricians can create the time schedules they need without repeating steps.

Here are just a few of the most helpful functions:

  • Calendaring — In an effort to eliminate busy work, the Calendaring function lets electricians easily define recurring, date-based events through a single update. For example, you can outline a schedule for the first Thursday of every month without going through the whole calendar to make the same, duplicate update.
  • Templates — The Templates function helps electricians seamlessly transfer existing programs and schedules. Whether it’s a one-time event or a reoccurring program, this option is sure to speed up the installation process.
  • Holiday Wizard — Many businesses and facilities operate different hours on holidays. To help account for this, the Holiday Wizard function uses geo-location information to effortlessly create presets for popular regional holidays.
  • Astro — Using geo-location information, the talento smart’s “Astro” feature automatically sets the astronomic sunrise and sunset time for your specific location. It can also sync with any latitude and longitude coordinates across the globe.

Technical Specs to Back It Up

Though talento smart is relatively small in size, it packs a powerful punch in terms of hardware. It’s designed using the same trusted schematic and wiring as other Intermatic/Grässlin models, which serves as a strong foundation for its advanced digital functions.

It also employs zero-cross relay switching technology, commonly found in Intermatic photocontrols, which helps eliminate incidents of high inrush current damage.

Better yet, talento smart boasts an extremely practical backup battery life of 8 years. This helps protect the device in the event of a power outage and lets electricians pre-program the device without it being connected to a power source.

Current talento smart models are capable of controlling two separate circuits using 15 amp relays. For applications such as indoor lights, parking lot lights, exhaust fans and small pump installations, such as fountains, the time switch can connect directly.

All together, the talento smart’s robust hardware, user-friendly interface and mobile access make it a standout option for all types of projects.

Ready to learn more about this exciting DIN rail time switch? Checkout our guide to the entire talento smart lineup and connect with us today.

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