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Product Highlights : 5 Ways the talento smart Helps Electricians Work Smarter Not Harder

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5 Ways the talento smart Helps Electricians Work Smarter Not Harder

Learn how the talento smart optimizes the day-to-day tasks for electricians!


Although the global market can be at times turbulent and ever changing, it is set to experience an overall positive year. Global economic growth is expected to grow by 3.4% in 2017, reports Morgan Stanley Research.

As a healthy market rises, new business developments and blueprints also emerge. With every new building that goes up, so does its electrical power, lighting and control systems.  

But who is tasked with getting all of these critical systems installed properly? Electricians implement such solutions and will also maintain them post-installation.  

The demand for electricians fluctuates with the state of the economy, and the employment of electricians is also set to rise by 14% from 2014 to 2020 (much quicker than the average for all occupations), reports Bureau of Labor Statistics

As job prospects for electricians fluctuate with the current upswing in the market, their primary duties remain intact. Electricians are typically tasked with daily responsibilities such as (but not limited to):  

• Installing and maintaining wiring, control and lighting systems 

• Inspecting electrical parts (i.e. transformers and circuit breakers) 

• Troubleshooting electrical problems 

• Repairing wiring, equipment or fixtures using hand tools and power tools. 

As industry standards continually evolve, electricians are also responsible for keeping up with state and local building regulations based on the National Electrical Code.  

While electricians already have a lot to tackle as spelled out above – tools like the talento smart help electricians accomplish their day-to-day duties more efficiently. We take a look at 5 ways the talento smart enables electricians to complete their daily tasks seamlessly: 

Increased Accessibility

Electricians no longer have to open the control cabinet to be able to program and/or modify systems. And in some situations, electricians can now avoid potential lockout procedures – increasing saved time. 

Having the luxury of being able to program systems without physically touching the product is now possible through electricians being able to connect to their phone applications wirelessly. This is ideal especially when electricians can’t get close enough in some locations and faster during emergency situations. 

Traditionally, electricians would have to program products by hand. Now, users can manage controls remotely and quicker with the touch of their smartphone with no required specialized training  – available for smartphones through the Apple Store and Google Play

Ease of Installation

the talento smart is compact and DIN rail-mountable – being compatible with existing infrastructures and also conveniently compliant with future control needs. 

The talento smart can also be incorporated into an existing control cabinet versus having to be installed in an outside control cabinet – reducing the extra crossing of wires. It is equipped with Comfort Setup – allowing electricians to streamline programming with wildcards. 

Additionally, monthly and yearly wildcards can be used instead of programming each date separately for recurring events and holidays – with space for up to 500 events. 

Built-in Memory

This solution allows users to create and save multiple programs in advance. This is convenient when electricians are tasked with doing similar programs – they can simply transfer saved programs between talento smart time switch and smart phones using Bluetooth technology. 

The wireless data transfer eliminates the step of programming on a laptop and then transferring with cables and memory sticks. Electricians will have fewer tools to carry while also adding more time for their other daily tasks.   


Built with zero-cross relay switching technology, the talento smart causes the relays not to switch until voltage is at its lowest energetic point – increasing a longer life relay. The technology helps adds value to the overall project value as it provides extended service life.  


While the talento smart is uniquely different, it is also similarly wired like traditional timer solutions that electricians have grown accustomed to over the years, such as the tried and true ET2000

Though it looks different, the talento smart can be used in same applications that electricians are familiar with already using.  

Developed for the electrician, the talento smart is deigned to be the go-to solution in their toolbox for all time switch technology needs. Are there other ways the talento smart can help electricians on the job that isn’t already included in our list? Be sure to drop us a message on Facebook or Twitter to share your thoughts! 

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