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Product Highlights : 4 Clever Lighting Applications for talento smart™

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4 Clever Lighting Applications for talento smart™

Tackle your next big project with ease

When it comes to lighting and energy control projects, simplicity and efficiency are key. Every extra minute spent configuring a newly installed time switch or following up on a client service call has an impact on the bottom line.

That’s why we’ve developed an innovative new time switch that helps electricians streamline the setup process while providing business owners, municipalities and homeowners dependable time scheduling options for a wide array of applications. Combining Bluetooth® connectivity with a handy mobile app, talento smart™ makes it easy to save time while delivering a first-class client experience.

Here are four clever applications that let electricians get the most out of talento smart.

Parking Lots and Auto Dealerships

When electrical contractors think about lighting controls for parking lots, the first two things to come to mind are often safety and efficiency. As a result, photocontrols are typically a go-to solution to reign in excess energy use and improve visibility at night.

However, because photocontrol schedules are driven by daylight rather than time, they don’t always accommodate commercial applications. For example, an auto dealership may be open until 9 p.m. Monday through Friday, but have limited operating hours on Saturday and Sunday. During the work week, it’s important for the dealership to have outdoor lights on so customers can easily browse the lot at night. But once the dealership closes, having all of those outdoor lights on becomes inefficient - limited security lights are all that is needed.

With talento smart, business owners can take advantage of 365-day astronomic dusk until dawn timing, which mirrors the energy-saving benefits of traditional photocontrols while also accounting for specific lighting needs during business hours.

Municipal Recreational Sports Fields

What happens when the big game goes into extra innings but the neighborhood baseball field’s lights are scheduled to turn off as soon as soon as the clock hits 8 p.m.?

Help municipal clients avoid an unfortunate strikeout by installing the talento smart time switch in any venue that hosts sporting, cultural or community events. The convenient talento smart mobile app allows park district managers to quickly override schedules – or make adjustments ahead of time – with the swipe of a finger.

Helpful programming templates and a built-in holiday wizard also make it easy for installers and facility managers to plan out calendars and reduce busy work.

talento smart time switch

Outdoor Signage and Billboards

Brick and mortar businesses depend on visibility. Whether it’s an LED sign on top of the building or a roadside billboard, having appropriately lit outdoor signage is essential to success. But much like parking lot lighting applications, traditional time switches don’t always fit unique business needs.

With talento smart, owners can be sure their outdoor signs and billboards turn on only when it makes sense for the business. This could mean being active from dusk until dawn, during business hours or until a preset time in the evening. In any scenario, talento smart puts the power into the hands of the operator rather than a strict ON/OFF schedule.

indoor hydroponics

Hydroponics (Commercial or DIY Applications)

New hydroponic farming techniques have made it possible for innovative growers to increase crop yields and bring fresh produce to practically any location in the world. It’s a rapidly evolving field with the potential to radically change the farming landscape. Help aspiring entrepreneurs and DIY enthusiasts reach new heights with the talento smart.

Ideal for both home greenhouse setups and commercial growing facilities, talento smart takes the hassle out of time switch configuration. From LED lights and indoor fans to irrigation systems and facility needs, incorporating one or more talento smart devices into a grow setup can help automate day-to-day operations. Having reliable time schedules lets growers spend more time focusing on the harvest and less time dealing with administrative tasks.

For all of these applications and more, look to talento smart. The easy-to-install time switch is designed for electricians and is a sure bet to get the job done right.

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