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Product Highlights : Install Savings in Motion With Occupancy and Vacancy Sensors


Install Savings in Motion With Occupancy and Vacancy Sensors

Are occupants forgetting to turn off the lights in your facility or home? There's an easy, affordable solution within reach.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, occupancy and vacancy sensors can cut wasted electricity used for lighting by as much as 30%.

Vacancy sensors help you realize greater energy savings since the lights will never automatically turn on. They are a great solution in places like storage areas, mailrooms, closets, or laundry rooms - any room where it’s hard to shut off the light because your hands are full.

An occupancy sensor will turn the lights on automatically when people come into a room or area. These are great for offices, bedrooms, bathrooms, classrooms, and meeting rooms. Most occupancy sensors operate in either occupancy or vacancy mode so they can adapt easily, but a vacancy sensor can only operate in vacancy mode. Both types will turn off the lights when the room has been unoccupied for a set amount of time.

The Right Technology for the Space

One of the great benefits of Intermatic’s sensors is the smart technology they use to determine when someone enters, occupies, and leaves a room or space – even down to discerning fine motor skill movements, such as someone working for hours at their desk. The two types of technologies offered are “Infrared,” which is abbreviated to “PIR.” And “Dual Technology,” which is a combination of PIR and Ultrasonic technologies.

PIR Technology

Any object or person naturally radiates heat. PIR technology detects the difference in heat energy that a person in motion generates in contrast to the elements surrounding them in a confined space. To detect presence, PIR needs line of sight to a person. This type of technology is an effective, low-cost solution in single rooms or areas with distinct close-offs. For example, an in-wall occupancy sensor switch is perfect for a single-use bathroom. A ceiling mount sensor is great for a conference room or classroom.

Dual (PIR/Ultrasonic) Technology

Dual technology sensors combine PIR and Ultrasonic technology. Ultrasonic technology uses wave analysis and Doppler sound waves to detect and discern between the different sources of energy in an environment. The combination of PIR and Ultrasonic technology makes these sensors ultra reliable and incredibly responsive. When you need high accuracy in larger, divided spaces, our dual technology solution is the way to go. In-wall or ceiling mount sensors with dual technology are great for partitioned bathrooms, waiting rooms, office spaces with cubicles, storage rooms, and libraries.

Many building codes are changing and are now or will be requiring vacancy sensors in commercial properties. Ready to make the move towards savings? View our complete lineup of occupancy and vacancy sensors.

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