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Product Highlights : Because Time Matters: In the Development of New Time Switches, Grässlin Places Its Focus on the Electrician

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Because Time Matters: In the Development of New Time Switches, Grässlin Places Its Focus on the Electrician

Grässlin, the specialist in time switch technology, introduces talento smart, a new generation of digital DIN-rail time switches which have been developed specifically for the needs of electricians, enabling them to complete time switching tasks quicker and more efficiently.

Reducing Installation and Servicing Times

Daily work routine clearly illustrates, that electricians still spend much time with the installation, programming and commissioning of a time switch. But every minute counts on a busy construction site. This is why talento smart switches can be pre-programmed - quickly and easily on a PC, tablet or smartphone. For this purpose Grässlin offers PC software and apps for IOS and Android. With the proven CLICK-system, time switches can be installed on-site within seconds. Equipped with up to 800 memory spaces, they are the ideal solution for easy and efficient extension and management of time switch functions.

Switch On and Get Started

Extensive functionalities always entail a vast amount of time spent by electricians on familiarisation and finding their way around the system. Not so with talento smart. The new time switches by Grässlin feature fundamentally redesigned user controls. Electricians have the choice of creating programs prescribing precise dates or operating independent of fixed date variables. Text-based controls, context-sensitive buttons and icon-based status information facilitate further configuration. Additional time savings are achieved by various technical innovations, such as e.g. the WILDCARD-function for easy programming of recurrent events. The transfer technology Grässlin smartlink enables electricians the wireless transfer of time switch functions programmed on a PC, tablet or smartphone to a talento smart time switch. It also allows for existing programs to be easily and quickly exported or transferred between time switches.

Ready for Any Task at Hand

Which time switch is the right choice? This is a difficult choice for electricians, in particular in the case of rental properties with unclear requirements and frequent changes. Even more so, when all products on the market differ only marginally in terms of functionality, customers face a lengthy decision process. This decision is now made easy by talento smart. The new DIN-rail time switches by Grässlin feature two modes in which common as well as more complex time switch functions can be implemented quickly and easily. Electricians have the choice between three models, BASIC, CLASSIC and SYSTEM, which offer the most suitable version for their technical and economical requirements and can be customized by adding modules. The talento smart system is continually being improved and extended in order to satisfy future requirements.

COMFORTSETUP: Programming on time switch, smartphone, tablet and PC

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