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News : Intermatic Introduces New Low-Profile Shorting Cap and Open Cap Solutions

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Intermatic Introduces New Low-Profile Shorting Cap and Open Cap Solutions

Updated SK4500K and OK4500R Designs Combine Durability with Style


Intermatic Incorporated today announced its new low-profile Shorting Cap (SK4500K) and Open Cap (OK4500R) solutions, two locking-type plug connectors that protect outdoor fixtures and help drive photocontrol ON/OFF patterns in multi-fixture installations.


The ANSI C136.10 compliant solutions combine best-in-class manufacturing, a slim design and dependable functionality to deliver long-term value to end-users.


“With the rise of photocontrol installations, municipalities, utilities, commercial businesses and building owners need a simple, cost-effective way to manage and protect their outdoor lighting fixtures,” says Jimmy Adjunta, segment marketing manager at Intermatic. “Our new low-profile shorting and open cap solutions address this need without sacrificing aesthetics.”


Available in single (SK4500K/OK4500R) and 50-unit bulk (SK4500KJ/OK4500RJ) quantities, the new shorting and open caps are ideal for roadway lighting, security lighting, outdoor park lighting and exterior lighting projects of all types and sizes. Both solutions include a 2-year warranty.


“Our new SK4500K Shorting Cap installs quickly on fixtures with photocontrol receptacles, allowing them to be controlled by a central contactor box or lighting control panel,” adds Adjunta. “Similarly, the OK4500R Open Cap makes it easy for contractors to temporarily take a light fixture out of service (turned OFF) while protecting the receptacle from harmful weather conditions and leaving other lights in the same circuit energized.”


For more information on the SK4500K Shorting Cap and OK4500R Open Cap, visit

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