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News : Low-Profile In-Use Covers Named Category Winner by EC&M Magazine!

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Low-Profile In-Use Covers Named Category Winner by EC&M Magazine!

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It’s not easy to reinvent a product that’s used every day by contractors across the country and stick the landing. Thankfully, we had a lot of help. 

Through a collaborative process that combined feedback from the field with intentional design choices and rigorous in-house testing, Intermatic developed a new line of Low-Profile Expandable In-Use Weatherproof Covers, which were recently named EC&M Magazine’s 2019 Product of the Year for the racks and enclosures category! 

Contractors, distributors and industry allies can vote for the covers to win EC&M’s Best Overall Product now through June 23.

Low-profile in-use covers are a slim alternative to traditional outdoor weatherproof cover options. Designed to benefit both homeowners and contractors, the upgraded solution improves aesthetics while delivering code-compliant protection and easy access to outdoor receptacles.

“When we started developing this product, we knew it was critical that our design met the everyday needs of contractors and electricians. After listening to feedback, our goal was to ensure our new in-use covers were quick to install and simple to operate yet highly secure, and most importantly code compliant,” said Kimberly Durkot, segment marketing manager at Intermatic. “Now that they’re in the field, we’re thrilled with the positive response we’ve received from contractors and homeowners alike.” 

Each cover includes an expandable front window that can be collapsed to save space when not in use as well as a no-hassle latch, with lockable hasp, that can be opened effortlessly with one hand. All standard and extra-duty covers are GFCI pre-set. 

Join us in celebrating this award, and don’t forget to cast your vote for EC&M Magazine’s Best Overall Product of the Year!

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