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News : Intermatic Partners with Escuela Mexicana de Electricidad

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Intermatic Partners with Escuela Mexicana de Electricidad

Empowering students through hands-on learning

Intermatic partners with Escuela Mexicana de Electricidad

When students and job seekers throughout Mexico are looking to prepare themselves for work opportunities in electronics and engineering, there’s only one place they turn - Escuela Mexicana de Electricidad (EME). To help build on an already stellar program, Intermatic is excited to partner with Escuela Mexicana de Electricidad to provide new experiences to students and contribute to its progressive curriculum.

Founded in 1940 with a focus on electrical machinery training, the school has evolved to become a leading destination for students in four core areas of study: Electronics, Automotive Mechanics, Mechatronics, and Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems. The school offers four campuses across the country, including two locations in Mexico City.

With a mix of traditional coursework and real-life application, the school’s programs empower students to find high-quality jobs in a wide variety of related fields. Through our new partnership, Intermatic will provide access to a range of products and solutions, as well as instruction on how timer controls can help optimize lighting projects.

Hands-on Work with Innovative Solutions

A key benefit of Escuela Mexicana de Electricidad is that students receive hands-on training in a range of applications. Whether it is installing a new lighting system or troubleshooting a faulty air conditioning unit, this type of guided instruction proves invaluable in the field.

To help support hands-on learning, Intermatic will be providing many of our most popular timer controls to EME classrooms so that students can learn how to install, program and troubleshoot commonly-used controls. For example, students within the Electronics track will learn how to install the ST01 In-Wall Timer and NightFox™ Photocontrols to develop a strong understanding of both residential and municipal applications.

Going Green, Looking Forward

Beyond learning the essentials of electrical installations, engineering and design, students at the Escuela Mexicana de Electricidad maintain a strong focus on the future. The core curriculum features energy-efficient solutions and long-term sustainability, which aligns perfectly with Intermatic’s catalog of energy-efficient products. From timer controls to occupancy sensors, our new Intermatic-EME partnership will help students gain a deep understanding of the energy-efficient solutions available to them and their future clients.

Be sure to connect with Escuela Mexicana de Electricidad on Facebook for updates about student projects and programs throughout the year.

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