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Energy Efficiency : 7 Clever Ways Timer Controls Can Help Lower Monthly Utility Bills

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7 Clever Ways Timer Controls Can Help Lower Monthly Utility Bills

If you’re feeling the pain of rising energy costs, it may be time to consider using timer controls to manage your monthly usage.

Theres always a bit of suspense when the first of the month rolls around.  

Was the A/C really on so long? Will the electric bill be through the roof? Is that extra weekend with the in-laws visiting going to affect our budget?  

Between seasonal heating and cooling demands, fluctuating energy prices, and uneven water usage, its tough to know exactly where your monthly utility costs will land. And with global energy demand set to rise in the coming years, theres never been a better time to take stock of your own home energy habits.  

In addition to common sense best practices for energy conservation, using timer controls throughout your home can help reduce your monthly utility bills by setting guidelines for when and how long lights, appliances, and electronic devices can be used.  

Here are just a few of the many clever applications homeowners can use timer controls to save energy and put some extra cash in their pockets.  

Outdoor and Safety Lights 

Keeping the area surrounding your home well-lit doesnt have to be a daily chore. Timer controls can be configured to activate on a set schedule that provides basic outdoor light and security while minimizing energy waste. Certain timer controls even adjust automatically throughout the year to account for shifting sunset and sunrise times.  

Similarly, if you commonly leave a light on when going out of town or when youre away from home for extended periods, timer controls can lend a hand. Once programmed, lights can be set to turn on and off automatically, giving the illusion of daily household use without the expense of staying on continuously. 

Household Appliances and Electronics 

If youve ever unplugged your toaster to save electricity, this may be a familiar concept. When household appliances and electronics (e.g., cable boxes, dryers, computers, etc.) are plugged in but are not in use, they typically still use a very small amount of electricity. But with dozens of these items idling throughout the home 24/7, costs can easily add up over time. By integrating timer controls with a fixed daytime and overnight schedule, you can quickly cut idle usage in half. Whats more, because the devices are already inactive during overnight hours, theres little influence on day-to-day life. 

Bathrooms and Limited-Use Spaces 

Though everyones guilty of leaving the lights on now and again, some instances are more preventable than others. By installing timer controls in single-purpose and limited-use spaces, such as bathrooms and attics, you can ensure youve always got a failsafe in place.  

In addition to being a friendly nudge to shower hogs, the simple controls offer peace of mind to individuals who scramble out the door as part of their morning routine by putting a limit on the amount of time lights and outlets can stay on without being reset manually.  

Holiday Decorations 

Theres nothing quite like seeing streets lined with glowing decorations throughout the holiday period; however, those glowing bulbs often come with a hefty bill. By incorporating timer controls into your annual holiday display, you can get the best of both worlds, illuminating your home during peak evening hours and turning lights off automatically at the end of the night.  

Device Charging Stations 

While it might be routine for you to plug in your smartphone before heading to sleep each night, most devices typically only need a couple hours to fully recharge. This leaves you repeatedly drawing a small amount of unnecessary electricity during the hours you spend in bed. By connecting timer controls to wall outlets and power supplies, you can create an automatic shutoff that adds up to savings over the long haul. 

Moreover, given that nearly two billion consumers use smartphones across the globe, even small steps towards monitoring energy used for charging smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers can make a real difference.  

Window Air Conditioner Units  

Its no fun being uncomfortably hot during the summer months, but cooling down your home doesnt have to break the bank. Installing timer controls designed for higher electric loads, such as window air conditioner units, can be a savvy way to keep tabs on energy usage while providing access when you need it most.  

More importantly, setting a firm on/off schedule overnight and throughout the day for window units can make an immediate impact to your monthly electric bill. 


Pool and Garden 

Much like lighting systems inside the home, you can easily set up pool and garden spaces with timer controls to limit energy use. From pool filters to sprinkler systems, nearly every manual switch can be tailored to operate on a fixed schedule or limited time interval using controls, meaning youll never need to worry about running up the bill or over watering.  

So, whether youre hoping to give your home a complete energy efficiency makeover or simply looking for a few small opportunities to save, timer controls are an excellent way to positively influence your monthly expenses. Check out our complete lineup of home solutions today and get started - the clock is ticking.  

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