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Applications & Solutions : Upgrade Your Garden or Outdoor Space with Timer Controls

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Upgrade Your Garden or Outdoor Space with Timer Controls

Bring convenience and energy efficiency to your home

Timer control ideas for home gardens, patios and backyards 

Whether you’re a budding gardener, backyard grill master or weekend party host, finding new and exciting ways to spruce up your home’s outdoor spaces can be a rewarding project that pays off all season long.

Small upgrades to outdoor lighting, irrigation and load controls can boost efficiency, provide unexpected convenience and reduce energy costs during peak spring and summer months. Look to these practical Intermatic solutions as you plan your home maintenance projects for the seasons ahead.

A Brighter Path Forward

Does your backyard include pathway lights, tree lights or other decorative landscape lighting fixtures? User-friendly timer controls like the Intermatic DT200LT 7-Day Digital Landscape Timer make it simple to align schedules to Astronomic dusk and dawn times. This means lights are automatically triggered to turn on at the appropriate time as daylight hours grow and fade throughout the year. Homeowners can also set a pre-determined time (midnight, for example) for lights to switch off when not in use.

The 7-day Digital Landscape Timer is rated for use in low-voltage transformers up to 1200W, making it compatible with common landscape lighting fixtures. It even includes two LR44 batteries which allows the unit to retain the correct settings for up to three months in the event of a power loss.

Once in place, both you and your guests will be able to enjoy a perfect outdoor ambiance 365 days a year without worrying about manually turning lights on and off. Moreover, with an operating temperature range of -40˚ F to 122˚ F, the DT200LT ensures steady performance in all types of climates. There’s no need to bring the timer indoors when winter comes around.

Good to the Last Drop

According to recent reports, the cost of water is going up in major cities and suburbs across the United States. This increase in utility costs can put an unnecessary burden on seasonal gardening and pool activities. By automating pool pumps and sprinkler systems with Intermatic timers, such as the trusty T101 24-Hour Mechanical Time Switch, you can be sure your green thumb does not come with an exorbitant water bill. By putting water systems on either a 24-hour or 7-day schedule, you’ll know your green spaces are tended to even if you aren’t home.

Additionally, if your community charges a premium for peak daytime water usage, a reliable digital or mechanical timer control can make it easy to set overnight or off-hour watering schedules, saving on utility costs in the process.

Keep the Party on Schedule

Love spending summer nights outside on the backyard patio or porch? Add some additional mood lighting with the versatile HB880R. The digital timer can be used to seamlessly control plug-in-style outdoor lights, including string lights and outdoor lanterns. This saves the hassle of manually unplugging multiple lights at the beginning and end of each night.

Ready to get started? Contact your local landscape lighting designer or electrical contractor today to learn how Intermatic timer controls can make the difference this season.

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