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Applications & Solutions : How Lighting Controls Can Boost the Efficiency of Hospitals and Medical Facilities

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How Lighting Controls Can Boost the Efficiency of Hospitals and Medical Facilities

Is your facility in good health?

hospital lighting controls 

Though not quite as intricate as the human body, the inner workings of any medical facility are very complex. Between providing care, managing staff, integrating medical equipment and maintaining infrastructure, every system needs to work together to offer the highest level of service.

Part of that ecosystem includes energy use. Finding new ways to maximize energy efficiency while catering to occupant needs can keep your facility in good health.

Whether you oversee a full-service hospital, family practice, dental office or assisted living facility, these lighting control-based projects are a smart way to help your organization take a step in the right direction when it comes to energy efficiency.

Exam Rooms and Supply Closets

We’ve all been there – the crinkling paper of the exam table, the jar full of tongue depressors, the blood pressure cuff on the wall. This familiar setting has a nearly universal flow. Patients are guided into the room to wait, and then shortly after, doctors and nurses make their way in to conduct examinations.

But what happens in this space between patient exams? More often than not, lights are left on in the empty room wasting energy.

By installing occupancy or vacancy sensors in exam rooms and supply closets, you can be sure lights only turn on when a patient or staff member is actively using the space. Vacancy sensors require users to manually turn lights ON and then they switch OFF automatically after a set period of time. They can be particularly useful in low-volume medical facilities and during down periods when there isn’t a consistent flow of patients, such as the early morning hours.

Parking Lots

Most large hospitals and medical facilities offer a variety of on-site parking services, including self-service parking lots.

Integrating low-maintenance photocontrols, such as the Intermatic NightFox™ Pro Series, in outdoor parking areas can ensure patients and family members always have safe, well-lit access to their vehicles. At the same time, you’ll reduce energy waste by maintaining accurate ON/OFF schedules that stay in sync with natural dawn-to-dusk patterns.

What’s more, because the NightFox Pro Series is specifically designed to match the extended lifespan of LED fixtures, you’ll be able to reduce maintenance needs and spending on replacement components.

hospital lighting controls

Waiting Areas

Unlike exam rooms which have sporadic users throughout the day, hospital and family practice waiting areas typically need to be lit during all business hours. By installing Programmable In-Wall Timers, you can pre-set ON/OFF lighting schedules throughout the week and give your team one less thing to worry about. Similarly, you can tailor lighting schedules for shared workspaces, common areas and other parts of your facility that are “always on” during work hours.

It’s a simple yet highly practical update that pays long-term dividends regarding both energy use and occupant comfort.

Gardens, Landscapes and Outdoor Signage

On the road to recovery, having fresh and vibrant outdoor spaces can be a major benefit to patients and senior residents. However, managing energy use for landscape lights, fountains and outdoor lights is no small task.

You can simplify this process with a robust digital timer control like the talento smart™. Ideal for maintaining accurate 365-day schedules for outdoor signage, landscape lights and more, talento smart allows for up to 500 unique events and includes loads of helpful features. Better still, the talento smart mobile app makes it quick and easy to adjust lighting schedules on the go. As a result, you’re able to keep tabs on outdoor lighting and water pump schedules while creating a positive atmosphere for patient health and comfort.

Ready to start outfitting your medical facility with new Intermatic lighting controls? Contact our sales team today to get started.

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