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Applications & Solutions : Helping Build Brighter Futures

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Helping Build Brighter Futures

Lay a foundation for academic success by installing cost-effective lighting controls in your school.

Today’s schools are challenged with providing safe and optimal classrooms with declining budgets and resources. 

Despite cuts in operational costs, prime learning environments and optimized energy management remain a priority - no matter how complex the facility may be.

Forward Thinking Meets Energy Management 

The pioneer of advanced, cost-effective energy and lighting controls, Intermatic provides a wide range of products to optimize facilities’ operations without significantly affecting a school’s budget. 

Intermatic products are designed to suit most time and energy needs of K-12 facilities – with its product testing being unmatched and ensuring dependable, maintenance-free results. Here's a closer look at our diverse lineup of school-related lighting and energy solutions.

Mechanical Time Switches – The most simple, easy to use lighting/load control  

  • As the Original “Yellow Dial” time switch, the T101 is a heavy duty mechanical time switch meant for industrial, commercial and residential applications  
  • Control electrical loads up to 40A 
  • Direct 24-hour management of most loads  
  • 1 ON/1 OFF tripper included

Astronomic Controls – Dependable and affordable dusk 'on' to dawn 'off' control for exterior lighting 

  • The ET2000 or ET90000 series offers reliable performance and adjustable programming for precise load control and decreased energy costs  
  • Up to 14 ON/14 OFF settings can be preset automatically 
  • Astronomic capability provides dusk ON and dawn OFF settings – cutting down the need for separate photo control devices  
  • Automatic Daylight Saving Time (DST) ON/OFF adjustment (factory enabled) 

Electronic Photocontrols – Long lasting controls for outdoor LED and induction light fixtures  

  • Tested per NEMA 410 to guarantee compatibility with electronic ballasts and LED drivers 
  • Warrantied to meet the long life of led lighting fixtures with a 10-12 year life expectancy  
  • Maintenance-free lighting installation  
  • Models with fixed mount and twist lock features available  

Occupancy Sensors – Illuminate hallways and rooms as needed 

  • A vast range of occupancy and vacancy sensor models to oversee all areas within a building  
  • Simple installation  
  • Passive infrared or Dual Technology  (PIR/Ultrasonic) models available 
  • Adheres to California Title 24 requirements  

Surge Protection – Steady, affordable protection for high value equipment  

  • Today’s school electrical equipment from shop classes to computer lab equipment are vulnerable to damage from poor power quality (surges, spikes and brownouts) and Intermatic’s Power Protection Devices lessen the risk of incurring thousands of dollars in replacement fees because equipment is poorly protected 
  • Wide range of Surge Protective Devices (surge strips, equipment and panel mount protection) 
  • 120 V To 600 V applications  
  • All products meet ANSI/UL 1449 3rd edition 

Talento Pro – Scheduling for signage and crosswalk applications 

  • 365-day scheduling  
  • Holiday scheduling
  • 24-240 VAC input voltage  
  • 10-year battery back-up 

Weatherproof Covers – the most versatile and durable covers offered  

  • Comprehensive line with a sleek look in colors to match any building’s façade with eight different color options  
  • Extra-duty polycarbonate 
  • Extra-duty Metal Die Cast Units 
  • Easy to install  
  • 2014 NEC code-compliant (406.9 B1) 

Water Feature Controls – Simple, effective control of fountains and water features  

  • Ultimate versatility for new construction or retrofit installations 
  • Portable two-circuit fountain timers incorporate: a plug-in for timed circuit and additional plug-in for live circuit 

Lightmaster™ Series – Daylight control offers extra savings 

  • Advanced lighting control that functions on ambient light level sensing 
  • True dusk-to-dawn capability 
  • Obtain additional energy savings by adjusting light levels throughout the day or night 
  • Reasonably priced solutions for daylight harvesting  

ET90000 – Number one in solid, affordable lighting control solutions 

  • Remote programming features and supercapacitor backup deliver maintenance-free lighting controls 
  • Easy to program
  • True 365-day calendar, plus holidays and special events 
  • Supercapacitor backup keeps the clock working for more than 100 hours in case of power outage  
  • No batteries needed 
  • Ethernet-capable for remote access 
  • PC app available for remote programming 

Ready to take the next step? Learn how Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools used the Intermatic ET90000 to reduce maintenance costs and improve exterior lighting.

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