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Applications & Solutions : A Brighter Future With Automated Lighting Controls

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A Brighter Future With Automated Lighting Controls

Help your school save time and energy by installing an innovative new control system.

From intramural sports and parent-teacher conferences to ad-hoc institute days and summer events, school maintenance technicians across the country have to stay on their toes to manage the lighting demands of the academic calendar. But while districts everywhere are being asked to do more with less, progressive administrators and technicians are coming together to find new ways to streamline work and automate processes. Automated lighting control systems, such as the Intermatic ET90000 Series, give facilities managers the flexibility to plan complex lighting schedules well in advance while reducing manual work and energy use. 

Efficiency and Electronic Time Switches 

Though many schools and academic buildings manage energy use through traditional mechanical time switches, these systems can often be maintenance-intensive and fail during power disruptions.

Lighting schedules for mechanical systems also need to be adjusted manually, making events like daylight savings and holidays a chore for technicians.

Conversely, electronic time switches are controlled through a single digital interface. This lets facility managers create system-wide, customized schedules that can be set up to a year in advance. Moreover, electronic systems are generally backed by an auxiliary power supply that retains program settings. Data is preserved through power outages and disruptions, so managers are never forced to reset from scratch. As a result, technicians are required to spend less time on day-to-day maintenance, giving them the freedom to focus on more important projects and responsibilities.

Accommodate Specific Voltage Needs Automatically

In addition to changing schedules, school technicians often have to accommodate power needs across a diverse range of buildings and spaces. Voltages can vary, which makes configuring mechanical systems a major challenge. However, electronic control switches offer the benefit of auto-voltage detection. Once a system like the Intermatic ET90000 is in place, managers can rest easy knowing that unique voltage needs will be monitored and accounted for automatically - no extra work needed. Not only does this help prevent technical issues and reduce maintenance needs, it helps administrators consolidate equipment costs and cut expenses.

Make Updates On the Go From Any Smartphone

Electronic systems are designed to minimize the need for daily adjustments, but they still provide easy access to make changes on the fly when necessary.

For example, the Intermatic ET90000 allows technicians to seamlessly input system-wide changes from a single control hub, as well from any mobile device using the Intermatic Android app. Ideal for last-minute requests and surprise events, with the swipe of a finger, techs can turn on or shut down power to any circuit installed on the system from the palm of their hand.

Learn more about how your school or organization can streamline lighting processes using with the Intermatic ET90000 series.

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