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Applications & Solutions : 3 Signs It's Time to Install A Commercial Digital Lighting Control System

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3 Signs It's Time to Install A Commercial Digital Lighting Control System

If these scenarios ring true for your business or organization, it may be time to make the switch.

It wasn't long ago that building managers and facility technicians were required to illuminate entire buildings through complicated systems of switch banks and independent controls. Shuffling across corridors and peeking in rooms, these hardworking men and women spent hours each day just to make sure the lights were on.

Unfortunately, some still do.

While managers and administers everywhere have started upgrading to modern digital control systems that offer both efficiency and flexibility, many are still stuck with clunky remnants of the past. If your organization has yet to consider these important commercial lighting factors, it may be a sign it's time for a change.

Rising Energy Costs

Though commercial energy costs have remained steady year-over-year nationwide, forecasts suggest that the price of electricity is set to rise approximately 2 percent in the near future. Large urban markets and select parts of the country may see even greater increases. This means any inefficient processes or systems that are already in place in your facility will only become more expensive to sustain.

However, by upgrading to a digital lighting control system, you can easily rein in unnecessary consumption. Automated schedules, area-specific settings, and motion-sensing technology paired with digital controls can help ensure lights are only being used when necessary and positively impact your bottom line.

Evolving Compliance Standards

Depending on where your building is located and when it was built, your current manual lighting control system may be dangerously close to the edge of ASHRAE, IECC and other local compliance standards.

Rather than doing the minimum required to adhere to codes that are rapidly evolving towards efficiency and occupant safety, installing a commercial digital lighting control system can allow your building to stay on the front foot. Beyond the benefit of being up to code, the flexibility of an advanced digital control system can open new ways to maximize efficiency and cater to occupant needs.

Changing Organizational Needs

One of the biggest drawbacks of manual lighting control systems is perhaps the most obvious: you need to have an operator onsite to flip the switch. This can be a major challenge for last-minute lightings requests, new programs, and shifting organizational schedules. If a building technician operating a manual control system is unavailable, occupants may be forced to have limited access or even be unable to stay in the building. From board meetings to company social events, having to cancel an event because the lights are out is simply unacceptable.

Conversely, digital lighting control systems can provide easy access at all times, both on-site and remotely through online and mobile controls. After receiving a lighting request, a facilities manager or supervisor can activate specific areas of a building with ease, all from his or her smartphone. Not only do digital systems frequently save the day, they save time while doing so.

If your building is still working through any of these commercial lighting challenges, it may be time to consider a digital control system. Innovative options like the Intermatic ET 90000 Series are sure to give your organization boost while making better use of your team's time and energy.

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