October 15, 1891 the company was incorporated as Pratt & Englund Company in Chicago, Illinois as a manufacturer of portable streetcar fare registers.


Company name is changed to the International Register Company (IRC) with the purchase of the New Haven Car Register Company.


Became leading fare register manufacturer in the United States.


Company president Arthur Woodward invents wind vine sight for machine guns for combat in World War I


Began manufacturing Coin Meters. This was the company’s introduction to clock-actuated devices, which was the precursor to the world-renown world class timers.


Began manufacturing 20 mm shells, producing over 20 million during the course of the World War II, along with aircraft controls and other munitions items.


The first time switch the “Inter-Matic" is introduced and rapidly accepted due to the high quality and low price. The “Inter-Matic” time switch was used to control electric signs, store window lighting, apartment hall lights, stokers, and oil and gas burners.


Introduced its first consumer timer product, the Time-All, which controlled various household lights and devices. The Time-All is still manufactured today.


IRC introduces pool and spa controls line to the industrial market. The pool and spa control line remains a valuable product line today.


The IRC Spring Grove office opens. This is the current location of the company headquarters.


IRC reaches $15 million in sales.


International Register Company is officially renamed Intermatic Incorporated.


Intermatic opens a new distribution center in Richmond, Illinois.


The company reaches almost $100 million in sales, and acquires two new lines--industrial surge and professional landscape lighting products.


Intermatic launches a new line of energy-saving, web-based controls with the ET90000 Series. Intermatic also begins offering a wider variety of energy saving products, including Occupancy and Vacancy Sensors.


Intermatic celebrates 125 years in business.

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