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Product Highlights : How to Save Your Budget and HVAC System from Unnecessary Service Visits

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How to Save Your Budget and HVAC System from Unnecessary Service Visits

Two ways to protect your HVAC system investment

Intermatic HVAC Power Protection 

Today’s HVAC equipment is energy efficient, technologically advanced and, well, expensive. With sales in the U.S. poised to reach $20.4 billion in 2019, it’s clear that manufacturers are meeting demand by designing sophisticated systems tailored to meet the needs of modern consumers.

Reliability is a top concern among consumers when purchasing a new HVAC system; however, many overlook the long-term benefits of installing surge protection as a way to safeguard their investment.

Power disruptions, brownouts, grid switching and the startup of major home appliances can result in an unexpected, damage-causing power surge event at any moment if the appropriate supports aren’t in place.

While many homeowners protect computers, gaming consoles and other electronics with surge strips, this does little to prevent damage to new HVAC systems. Worse still, damage caused by power surge events is typically not covered in a manufacturer’s warranty, leaving homeowners to foot the maintenance costs.

The good news is HVAC surge protection is an affordable and quick-to-install solution to this problem that can protect HVAC investment and the monthly budget.

A Simple Cure for Unnecessary Maintenance Expenses

Intermatic has developed a powerful duo of surge protective devices - the Compressor Defender™ and AG3000 - to help safeguard air conditioning system components, furnaces, mini-splits and more from power quality issues.

Designed based on American National Standards Institute and Underwriters Laboratories Standards (ANSI/UL1449 4th Edition), both solutions provide reliable power protection. What’s more, the Compressor Defender and AG3000 include an industry-leading 3-year, $7,500 warranty on connected equipment.

The Compressor Defender can be installed inside a condensing unit or externally on an AC disconnect to protect compressors and circuit boards from brownouts, surges and short cycling. The AG3000 connects to the furnace/air handler disconnect to protect furnaces, hydronic heating systems and ductless mini-splits from surges and spikes.

Your HVAC contractor can install both devices quickly – typically in 10 minutes or less! Once setup is complete, a green LED on each device will let you know your equipment is being protected, as well as if it has been affected by a power quality issue.

Undervoltage, Brownouts and Short Cycling Explained

Intentional or unintentional drops in voltage create brownouts or undervoltage situations. For example, a power company may intentionally drop voltage during persistently high-demand periods, like during an extreme heat wave, to ease stress on the power grid. You may notice this by dimming in your home’s lights or by flashing LED clocks/appliances which have been disconnected and need resetting.

Hidden from view is what brownouts can do to the internal motor windings of hermetically sealed compressors, like creating an opening in the motor winding. Brief power disruptions can even cause motors to run backward, though this only applies to Scroll compressors.

The overwhelming source of power disruptions inside the home is transient voltage surge – 60 to 80 percent, according to the NEMA Surge Protection Institute. Triggers range from the stopping and starting of motors and malfunctioning appliances to simply flipping on a light switch at the wrong time.

Thankfully, by taking the appropriate steps to safeguard air conditioning system components, furnaces, mini-splits and more from power quality issues, you can be sure you’re never left in the dark when a power disruption occurs.


Ready to get started? Watch this video for more information on Intermatic’s HVAC power protection duo and call your local HVAC professional today!

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