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News : Intermatic Introduces Time-Saving ReadySet™ Electronic Valve Actuator

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Intermatic Introduces Time-Saving ReadySet™ Electronic Valve Actuator

New solution allows users to establish valve position set points without unscrewing and removing actuator casing

Intermatic Incorporated today announced its new ReadySet™ Electronic Valve Actuator, a versatile 24-volt electronic valve actuator that removes time-consuming steps from the installation process.

Through a simple toggle-switch interface, ReadySet helps installers properly align pool and spa valve positions without unscrewing the actuator casing or making manual adjustments. As a result, pool service professionals can save approximately 20 minutes or more on each installation.

“During peak pool season, there’s nothing more valuable than time to pool service professionals,” says Kimberly Durkot, segment marketing manager at Intermatic. “ReadySet helps installers get to their next job faster by eliminating one of the most tiresome aspects of valve actuator setup – manually adjusting actuator cams.”

ReadySet mounts to two-way and three-way diverter valves, making it ideal for in-ground pool and spa combinations, as well as water features, laminar jets, bubblers and more. It also allows users to set incremental valve positions – rather than 45° / 90° / 180° presets – to tailor water flow to any application.

Intermatic will showcase ReadySet at the Western Pool and Spa Show March 15 – 17. Attendees are encouraged to stop by Booth #453 and learn more at

ReadySet delivers exceptional functionality with a range of helpful features, including:

  • No-Hassle Design – Easily establish valve position set points using a toggle-switch interface – no cams to manually adjust.
  • Install Verification – Audio-visual cues help verify that valve actuator set points have been properly aligned, minimizing the need for follow up service calls.
  • Effortless Compatibility – ReadySet is compatible with all pool and spa flow controls. It includes a 30-foot cord - the longest on the market - which helps connect the actuator on pool pads with zero lot line easements.

Pool professionals are encouraged to contact their local Intermatic representative for more information.

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About Intermatic Incorporated

With a rich company history spanning more than 125 years, Intermatic has grown into a global manufacturer of lighting control and energy management solutions for electrical, pool and spa, HVAC/R and OEM markets. Intermatic values ensure quality products, technical expertise and attentive service. The company provides solutions for facilities, municipalities, manufacturing, agriculture, commercial, residential and construction markets.

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