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Applications & Solutions : Is Electrical Surge Putting Your Small Business at Risk?

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Is Electrical Surge Putting Your Small Business at Risk?

Knowing where your business is at risk when it comes to power surge can be the difference between long-term success and an unexpected disaster.

Business at risk of power surge


Imagine its just after 7 a.m. on Monday morning. You pull into your normal parking space, take out your keys to open the front door and start setting up your office for the day. ahead


Between sips of coffee it hits you. Something doesnt feel right. 


The air conditioning isnt working and half of the offices computer monitors arent turning on. Everything from the Wi-Fi to the refrigerator feels out of whack. You scramble to find the fuse box, frantically resetting switches but nothing seems to fix the situation. After thirty minutes on the phone with the electric company, the building engineer steps in and connects the dots. The issue is clear: Your office has just suffered a costly and unexpected electrical surge. 


Regardless of whether you operate a brick-and-mortar retail store, a traditional office or a large-scale commercial facility, understanding how electrical surge can affect your business is critical to long-term planning and success.  


At their worst, electrical surges can damage computer systems, slow business operations and cost thousands of dollars to recover from. Yet at the same time, a modest investment in preventative infrastructure can minimize risk while offering business owners lasting peace of mind. 


What Is AElectrical Surge?

An electrical surge (sometimes referred to as a power surge or voltage spike) is a massive, sudden increase in current in an electrical circuit. Lasting only a matter of microseconds, this boost can spread throughout an entire electrical system, causing damage to connected appliances and devices, as well as to hard-wired systems. 

Though commonly associated with thunderstorms and weather conditions, electrical surges can be triggered many different ways. In a business setting, high-powered electrical equipment and appliances, such as elevators and commercial HVAC units, are most often to blame. When motors in these devices switch on and off, they can demand a staggering amount of energy, which in turn affects the flow of electrical current system-wide.  


Both in high-impact instances and through repeated, low-level surges, these spikes can spell trouble, damaging electrical equipment and eroding components. 

Preventing Electrical Surges At the Source

The best approach to protecting your business from a debilitating power surge event is to implement a comprehensive protection strategy.

Start by doing the basics. Connect any outlet-based appliances in your workspace to surge protector strips that meet NSI/UL1449 3rd edition standards. While the average power strip may provide convenience, note that only those specifically indicating surge protection will prevent electrical damage.  

Once your high-value equipment is protected at the point of use, consider integrating a system-wide surge protection solution. Select surge protection devices can be installed onto your electrical panel or meter to provide 100% coverage directly from your primary power source. system-wide approach means that your business will never be the victim of user error or an incorrectly placed power strip.

Finding The Right Balance

While the financial and operational consequences of experiencing a major electrical surge can be profound, theres not necessarily a one-size-fits-all solution for dealing with the issue. Every business is unique and deciding on right balance preventive measures may require some discussion and planning. This is especially true for industries that operate in a variety of work spaces, such as manufacturing and agriculture. 

However, by thinking through potential liabilities and working with your partners to make sound decisions, you can make sure your business is never saddled with a electrical surge-related catastrophe.  

Ready to take the next step in preventing pow surge at your business? Learn how Intermatics Surge Protective Devices with Consumable Modules keeps electrical equipment safe from floor to ceiling. 

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