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Applications & Solutions : 4 Ways Colored Weatherproof Covers Keep You Up To Code

Weatherproof Outlet Covers

4 Ways Colored Weatherproof Covers Keep You Up To Code

DYK Intermatic’s Waterproof Covers Come In An Array Of Colors? Read About All of Your Options Here! 

Waterproof Covers 

Yes, the market offers reliable weatherproof covers to make sure your valuable equipment is safeguarded. But, sometimes the standard covers may not easily blend in with your existing color scheme and can stick out like a sore thumb. 

To get a better idea of how colored covers are the seamless solution – we’ll look at  four ways Intermatic’s colored weatherproof covers keep your items safe and up to code: 

  1. Keeping Up With Industry Standards 

All single-family homes are now required to have an in-use weatherproof cover installed in wet locations for 15 and 20A, 125 and 250 VAC receptacles – making weatherproof covers that much more critical. 

Forty states have already adopted  2014 National Electrical Code (NEC) Article 406.9 (B)(1).   

The colored weatherproof covers meet the 2014 NEC Article 406.9 (B)(1) while they effortlessly blend in with current colors of buildings, landscapes and homes. 


2. Increasing Safety 

Facilities workers sometimes handle and operate heavy machinery where time is especially of the essence.  

Using brightly colored weatherproof covers like yellow or orange make hazardous areas easier to locate particularly in emergency-type situations – streamlining the workflow of any facility. 

3. Eliminating Extra Work 

When contractors in the field mentioned they were painting over weatherproof covers to match existing color themes and building facades, Intermatic created a customizable solution in the form of colored weatherproof covers – for businesses and homes alike. 

With an array of colors to choose from, homeowners no longer have to paint over covers just to match their home exteriors.  

  “The colored weatherproof covers still meet the NEC Extra-Duty code requirements but also include an added touch that homeowners can [utilize] to make covers blend in better,” noted Intermatic Product Manager Kimberly Durkot in a phone interview. 

  4. Expanding Versatility  

  While there is no one-size-fits-all weatherproof cover solution – Intermatic’s wide range of color choices for covers make the options endless.  

  Whatever color scheme your current outdoor-kitchen, pool or landscape is – protect your  family and friends while staying code compliant without compromising style with colored covers that can also be customized accordingly for holidays and special events. 

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