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Product Highlights : Meet talento smart: Fast. Compact. And Yes, Affordable.

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Meet talento smart: Fast. Compact. And Yes, Affordable.

Announcing the world’s first DIN-rail time switch with Bluetooth (BLE) wireless connectivity.

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Panel builders are accustomed to going above and beyond to deliver for their customers, whether that means customizing components to meet the unique needs of a facility, or turning around a large volume of panels in a short timeframe. Your reputation as “the deliverer” continues with the Grässlin by Intermatic talento smart time switch.

As technology advances the way buildings, schools, and municipalities operate, facilities maintenance managers look for new ways to maximize efficiency through greater control of integrated devices and systems. talento smart is blazing the trail with Bluetooth wireless connectivity, full-featured Android and iOS mobile apps, and templates that simplify even the most complex schedules. A DIN rail form factor and compact footprint make it easy to integrate this time switch into a panel, bigger systems, such as for an industrial facility, or as a stand-alone lighting control.

Reduce Lead Times and Integrate Smart Technology

Fast programmability helps shorten lead times with one-click time, date, and location setup. Use the FREE mobile app to program the time switch from anywhere; no direct contact with the device is necessary! Power up and program talento smart while assembling a panel at your shop; store the scheduled program information on your smartphone or tablet; and then send the programming sequences to the timer via

Bluetooth when the panel is delivered. Eliminating the need to open up the cabinet at your customer’s facility makes installation simple and quick.

The app features templates that allow you to create complicated schedules. GPS data from your mobile device is used to calculate the geo position of the timer. The timer’s holiday wizard uses this data to calculate country-specific holidays for the given number of years. Daily, weekly, or yearly graphical views provide assurance that the timer is programmed according to a customer’s requirements.

In addition to the app functionality, an integrated hour meter provides alerts and maintenance reminders so your customers avoid costly service interruptions or equipment downtime. Other connected timers can also be adjusted by using the mobile app to switch the channels, reset the hour counters, and more.

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Flexible Scheduling Made Easy with Wizard-style “Wildcards”

talento smart’s flexible combination of switching commands, astronomic times (C-series models), 365-day scheduling capabilities, and straightforward menu structure open up new building automation functionality. Manage and program schedules, from complex to simple, using wildcards that save you time and can be duplicated for other installations. For regularly recurring events, monthly and yearly placeholder wildcards spare you from the tedious task of programming each date separately. So if a facility runs a special schedule on the first day of every month, you’ll only need to enter that information once, and not repeatedly.

Talento Smart Building Automation

Simplify Complex Schedules, Maximize Comfort and Savings

“Priority Setting” capabilities make it simple to program the time switch to adjust for varying levels of priority in busy facilities. In a factory, for example, a low priority schedule turns the exterior and interior lights ON at 6 a.m. and OFF at 8 p.m. A medium priority schedule would dim the lights to conserve energy when the floor is empty during lunch hour. A high priority, specialized schedule would turn the lights on every third Saturday, from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. for voluntary overtime shifts. Priority settings enable pinpointed, exact scheduling so a facility can maximize energy savings, occupant comfort and safety, and ensure the right type of lighting is ON for the task at hand.

The talento smart time switch is a great solution for a variety of applications.

  • Custom lighting scenarios depending on specific times or even sunrise and sunset
  • Advertising signs, street, and shop lighting
  • Cycle programs with a defined and repeating ON and OFF duration, such as for a device, motor, or pump
  • Water treatment with application specific cycle settings for the used pumps
  • Control of school bells with the pulse functionality which allows to switch ON just for a few seconds
  • Easy and comfortable presence simulation with the Random ON and OFF functionality
  • Roller blind and sun blind control
  • Light Building Automation
  • Low-cost PLC Substitute -- The timer can provide the timing piece (time scheduling) functionality for that. Can run all of the types of programs
For even more information explore our catalogue of talento smart time switches.

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