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Applications & Solutions : How to Troubleshoot Fixed Mount Photocontrol Issues


How to Troubleshoot Fixed Mount Photocontrol Issues

Easy solutions to common photocontrol issues

Troubleshoot Photocontrols

Even after a smooth, incident-free installation, you may find that the photocontrols you've put in place aren't behaving as planned. This is often the result of unforeseen exterior conditions, such as ambient light, building design or harsh weather, or a change in light sensitivity. But rest assured. 

Whether your photocontrolled LEDs are strobing, turning on inconsistently or simply won't power up, there is likely an easy fix to restoring proper functionality. Here are some handy tips to reference the next time you're troubleshooting photocontrols at your facility.

Basic Power Issues

Perhaps the most basic issue you'll come across when working with updated photocontrols is that your LED lights simply won't power on. If this is the case, review the original installation documents to confirm that the device has been wired properly and is correctly attached to the power source. Nine times out of 10, fixing a loose or crossed wire is all it takes to recover the control.

Managing Outdoor Conditions

In addition to power issues, another common symptom is for lights to blink or strobe sporadically. This behavior can be due to an outdoor condition, such as ambient city lights, nearby fixtures, snow or proximity to an all-white building, either limiting or amplifying light to the photo eye. To address this issue, you can adjust the arm of your stem and swivel photocontrol away from the extra light source, as well as add a metal slide or sticker to limit light exposure. Both the slide and the filter sticker come with your Intermatic photocontrol for easy use. For flush mount photocontrols, you can use either the included domed shield, stickers or a combination of both to help regulate outside conditions.

Fine-tuning Sensitivity

In select cases, you may find that your photocontrol is generally functioning properly, but that it is turning on or shutting off at intervals that are slightly outside of exact dusk or dawn times. Thankfully, adjusting this is a snap with your photocontrol's included add-on items.

If the light is turning on too late, try adding a light sticker to the photo lens to boost sensitivity; if it's turning on too early, adjust the domed shield or metal bracket to increase the amount of light reaching the control. It can also help to reposition the photocontrol.

Standing By, At Your Service

In addition to the add-on items included in all Intermatic fixed mount photocontrols, which make it easy to troubleshoot minor issues on the spot, our helpful customer service team is available Monday through Friday to answer questions and ensure your controls always stay in great shape. Feel free to contact our customer service team by phone or email for some extra assistance with your next big project.



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