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Energieeffizienz : Calculate Refrigeration Energy Savings

Energieeffizienz, HVAC

Calculate Refrigeration Energy Savings

An easy-to-integrate, low-cost solution for commercial refrigeration systems.



ICUBE Calculator


Increasing food prices and volatile energy costs are biting into the profit margins of food service businesses. Skipping unnecessary defrost cycles greatly reduces energy consumption. This can be achieved with devices that use adaptive defrost control algorithms to continuously monitor the conditions of the evaporator coil and only defrosts when necessary at the next programmed interval. Time scheduling is especially important during busy periods in food service, such as the lunchtime rush.

How the ICUBE Calculator Works

Compare the kilowatt hours at two locations, for example two restaurants: Both locations use two evaporators with 1500 watt electric defrost heaters that run 365 days a year. With theICUBE™ Module, average usage per day decreases (per hour) and kilowatt hours are reduced. In this example, kilowatts decrease by 876 hours, generating a $150 annual cost savings and an ROI of just over one year.

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Calculate your Energy Savings

Use our online Energy Savings Calculator tool to easily determine your customer’s potential savings when you install an energy-efficient Intermatic control solution.

Support Green Initiatives

More and more patrons are seeking establishments that support sustainability efforts. Using adaptive defrost controls can contribute to a reduction in annual greenhouse gas and CO2 emissions –– supporting your customers' "green" initiatives and deepening loyalty with their clientele and the community. Every building adds up to make a big impact. 50,000 installed Demand Defrost Controls reduce CO2 emissions by 15,101 metric tons. This is equivalent to:

Since the ICUBE Module helps curtail drain on the power grid during times of congestion, implementing this type of control could also provide an opportunity for even greater savings for businesses that participate in demand response programs.

Remove Eliminate
Removing 3179 passenger vehicles from the roads Eliminating 5,413 tons of landfill waste Conserving 1.7 million gallons of gasoline.

Save on Energy with the ICUBE™ and Realize a Rapid Payback

The ICUBE Module is an easy-to-integrate, low-cost solution for commercial refrigeration systems found in all types of food-service facilities: Retail stores, food services, restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, hospitality, universities, schools, grocery stores, hospitals, nursing homes, and healthcare. Innovative, smart-sensing technology continuously monitors evaporator coil temperatures in walk-in coolers and freezers and only allows defrosting when necessary at the next programmed timer interval.

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