What's the difference between Ascend Smart and Ascend Standard?

Available in Smart (STW700W) and Standard (ST700W) configurations, the Ascend In-Wall Timer is a modern 7-day timer control that makes it easy for homeowners to automate routine lighting schedules, improve security and boost energy efficiency while helping contractors save time on installation.

Ascend Smart (STW700W) offers many of the benefits of a smart home automation system, including mobile access and integration with Amazon Alexa, without the hassle - no hub required. These tech-forward features are perfect for gadget-loving smart home enthusiasts.

Conversely, Ascend Standard (ST700W) does not include communication options - the unit must be programmed through its LCD interface. It's best suited for homeowners looking to set reliable schedules through an intuitive interface without the added functionality of a connected device.

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