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Produkt-Highlights : Prepare for Summer Vacation with Intermatic Timer Controls

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Prepare for Summer Vacation with Intermatic Timer Controls

Rest easy knowing your home is on schedule

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From cozy beach towns to scenic national parks, more than one in three families in the United States plan to hit the road for summer vacation this year. While there are few things better than a sun-soaked family adventure, leaving home for an extended period can present challenges to homeowners.

Intermatic solutions make it easy for homeowners to plan time away while offering lasting energy-savings and peace of mind. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or consulting contractor, these simple project ideas can help ensure summer vacation goes off without a hitch.

Maintaining Security While Away

One of the most important aspects of being comfortable away from home is knowing that your residence and belongings are secure while you’re traveling. In addition to securing entryways and putting newspaper subscriptions on hold, a savvy way to promote safety is to create the illusion of everyday activity.

This can be done effectively through simple in-wall or plug-in timer controls. Reliable solutions like the ST01 7-Day In-Wall Timer include a Random Mode which turns lights on and off at different points throughout the day to create a “lived in” look to passersby. What’s more, the timer’s simple interface makes it easy to switch back to a normal programmed or Astronomic schedule once you turn home.

As an alternative to an in-wall installation, homeowners can add simple plug-in timers, such as the DT620 7-Day Indoor Digital Plug-In Timer, to prominently-placed floor lamps or desk lights to create a sense of activity. For example, homeowners may want to simulate sleep patterns by scheduling bedroom or living room lights to turn on at Astronomic dusk and off at 11:00 p.m.

This same principle applies to outdoor and landscape lights. Solutions like the DT200LT 7-Day Outdoor Digital Plug-In Timer can quickly automate any home’s exterior lights, which boosts efficiency and provides an added level of security all year long.

Stay Worry-Free with Whole Home Surge Protection

In the same way tablets, portable gaming systems and wireless headphones are essential to most road trip packing lists, technology is now a fundamental part of most residential homes. This makes it more important than ever to protect expensive electronics, major appliances and HVAC systems from unexpected power surge events.

Rather than outside factors, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) Surge Protection Institute highlights that 60-80% of power surge events occur as a result of items inside the home, such as large home appliances that cycle ON and OFF. Comprehensive solutions like the Smart Guard® Whole House Surge Protective Device help proactively safeguard in-home electronics and major appliances against trouble before it starts, allowing you to enjoy your time away without worrying about a potential disaster.

Intermatic’s powerful duo of surge protective devices - the Compressor Defender™ and AG3000 – can also help protect air conditioning system components, furnaces, mini-splits and more from power quality issues and unexpected damage.

A Lush and Healthy Lawn

Being away on vacation typically means putting yard work and household chores on pause. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sacrifice the health of your lawn or garden.

By syncing sprinkler systems with an Intermatic irrigation timer, such as the versatile R8800 or T8800 Series, you can be sure your green spaces are tended to even when you aren’t home. Both options provide up to 44 “ON” operations every 24 hours and allow for bi-weekly scheduling to ensure compliance with local water conservation ordinances.  

Though the time spent on vacation is sure to fly by, by preparing your home with Intermatic timer controls, you can be sure your home always stays on schedule.

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