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Junction Box, Meet Transformer

COMBOConnect™ Junction Box Transformer

Simplify Pool, Spa and Landscape Lighting Installations

Save time and money on the installation of low-voltage nicheless pool lights and landscape lighting.

As pool and spa lighting design shifts focus to include more and more nicheless lights per installation, having components that are capable of handling a diverse range of applications is essential for installers and contractors.

COMBOConnect (patent pending) is a space-saving junction box and transformer hybrid product that offers more high- and low-voltage connections than any other junction box on the market. Ideal for pool, spa and landscape applications, it blends the simplicity of a standard junction box with the power of an embedded 100 W low-voltage transformer to fill two essential roles with a single solution.


Unique Hybrid Design

By combining two core components into a single device, the COMBOConnect Junction Box Transformer offers immediate cost savings and superior functionality.


Compact Size

Great for access-restricted areas and overall aesthetics, the COMBOConnect takes up at least 20% less space than traditional components.


Practical Voltage Options

Two high-voltage connections (one for inlet power and one to daisy chain to other junction boxes) and five low-voltage connections (one more than typical large junction boxes) give users unmatched flexibility.



  • In-Ground Pools and Spas - Nicheless Low-Voltage Lights
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Fountain Lighting
  • Listed and labeled per NEC 680.24 for use with pool and spa underwater luminaires and per NEC 411 for low-voltage landscape lighting

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