Interpreting Intermatic Product Date Codes

Most Intermatic products are identified by a three-character, mixed alphanumeric date code (e.g. “25 A”). The current date code format has been in use since 1980 and consists of a two-digit numeral (which corresponds to the week of the year in which the product was manufactured), followed by a letter (which corresponds to the year of manufacture). Note that the year code repeats every 26 years and is as follows:

  Letter     Year     Letter     Year  
A 2006   N 2019
B 2007   O 2020
C 2008   P 2021
D 2009   Q 2022
E 2010   R 2023
F 2011   S 2024
G 2012   T 2025
H 2013   U 2026
I 2014   V 2027
J 2015   W 2028
K 2016   X 2029
L 2017   Y 2030
M 2018   Z 2031

This code is marked directly on the product (stamped in ink), included on one of the product’s labels or printed on a small dedicated date code label. The stamped date codes may be in a low-contrast ink, such as blue ink on a black surface, and may need to be viewed at an angle in order to be seen. In some cases, date codes are present on enclosure door labels, on internal mechanisms and on subassemblies, such as motors. In general, the latest date code is used for warranty determination.

Example: “25M” decodes to “the 25th week of 2018” (mid-June).