Outdoor Lighting Control

Astronomic Electronic Controls

Stay in sync with dusk and dawn schedules with easy-to-install Astronomic electronic controls. A range of 365-day and 7-day options give users the flexibility to create complex schedules while also triggering ON/OFF events based on sunrise and sunset, if desired.

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Fixed Mount Electronic Photocontrols

Deliver simple dusk-to-dawn lighting control with our lineup of fixed mount electronic photocontrols. These LED compatible solutions are available in a variety of mounting styles, including stem-and-swivel, button, in-wall and stem mount.

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Fixed Mount Thermal Photocontrols

Versatile and budget-friendly, our fixed mount thermal controls provide simple ON/OFF control in outdoor spaces. They’re available in a variety of mounting styles and best paired with Fluorescent, HID and Incandescent fixtures.

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Locking Type Electronic Photocontrols

Streamline maintenance schedules with long lasting locking type electronic photocontrols. These robust, easy-to-install controls are specifically designed to meet the 15-year lifespan of LED fixtures.

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Locking Type Thermal Photocontrols

Maintain consistent dusk-to-dawn schedules for outdoor lighting fixtures with our locking type thermal photocontrols. These economical controls are ideally suited for HID and Incandescent applications.

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