Outdoor Plug-In Timers

Outdoor Plug-In Timers

This HB880R Outdoor Digital/Photo Timer provides a multitude of uses. It comes with an easy to set 7 day timer with astronomic features, and a Daylight Saving Time adjustment. These timers are an ideal for security lighting, engine block heaters, pool pumps, and holiday lights.
The TN111RM40 24-Hour Outdoor Mechanical Timer is designed for heavy electrical loads. It features with 3 ON / 3 OFF settings per day, along with a ground plug and manual override. It is approved for use with outdoor transformer enclosures where the timer is protected.

New Product Highlights


The Intermatic® line of occupancy sensors are engineered and tested for long-lasting performance. In-Wall and Ceiling Mount sensors in both PIR (infrared) and dual (PIR/ultrasonic) technologies can monitor virtually any area within a building, providing solutions for any retrofit or new construction project. They utilize zero-crossing technology to suppress inrush current impact, supplying reliable ON/OFF sensing no matter the lighting technology.


The Intermatic® ICUBE™ Adaptive Defrost Module cuts defrost cycles--and utility bills--for the food service industry. Designed by Grässlin by Intermatic for commercial walk-in coolers and freezers, the smart-sensing technology behind the ICUBE™ continuously monitors evaporator coil temperatures and only allows defrosting when necessary at the next programmed timer interval.

Surge Protective Device Group Shot

The Intermatic® Surge Protective Device with Consumable Modules covers 100% of a home’s big investment equipment, from appliances and computers, to HVAC equipment and TVs. The Surge Protective Device uses replaceable Consumable Modules that allows homeowners to easily and safely replace a module when the built-in LED light indicates it has been compromised.