The E1010 Heavy-Duty In-Wall Time Switches are ideal for turning on lights, fans, pumps, and other heavy duty loads for energy savings, security and convenience. The timer provides up to 12 ON and 12 OFF operations per week.

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  • Heavy duty timers used to turn on lights, fans, pumps and other heavy duty loads for energy savings, security and convenience
  • Designed to mount to any standard junction box for replacing a wall switch
  • Available in single ON/OFF or multiple ON/OFF type
  • Easy to use manual override
  • Equipped with a 24-hour dial divided in half-hour increments
  • Permanently attached ON and OFF tripper permitting single “ON/OFF” control every 24 hours
  • Both timers have three color code leads and require a hot, neutral and one side of the load
Product Ratings
Switch: SPST
Volts: 120 VAC
Amps: 15
Max Wattage: 1800
Color: Stonedust White Housing

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